Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Jonathan Kay: About your non-existent ethical standards ...

To refresh your memory, here's the National Post's useless, whiny pissant of a momma's boy, Jonathan Kay, taking a catty swipe at Antonia Zerbisias, getting his ass kicked all over God's creation for it by educated commenters and, in a fit of pique, simply deleting all those comments and pretending they never happened, with no hint of correction or retraction.

And here's an amusing snippet from the website of the Ontario Press Council:

Columnists are given wide latitude to express controversial opinions but, when they present what purports to be a statement of fact, they should ensure that it is accurate and, when necessary, provide the source of the information. If the statement is found to be in error, the newspaper should be prepared to promptly publish a correction or clarification.

I have read that OPC page carefully and, as far as I can tell, when an opinion columnist is shown to be in error, while there may be a number of acceptable responses, pissing one's pants, then running crying to one's editor or one's mother to make all those big, bad commenters go away does not appear to be one of them.

Perhaps I just missed that option.

P.S. To re-iterate what Ti-Guy posted here recently: Please, National Post, for the love of God, just crawl off somewhere and die already.


sooey said...

They hate her because she's so good.

But I wonder why he thinks Israel's inhumane treatment of the Palestinians and the New Conservative government's determination to re-criminalize abortion are not appropriate columns for the Living section?

Brian Busby said...

"No comments have been posted", the site says.

Not only were the posts deleted, but there's a denial that they ever existed in the first place. It's all a game of "let's pretend". So much for journalistic integrity.

Dr.Dawg said...

Heh. I asked my NP editor why my stuff hasn't been appearing for a few weeks. He told me that it was "too insulting."


Ti-Guy said...

He told me that it was "too insulting."

What a fucking bunch of hypocrites.

Frank Frink said...

DD, it's not like that wasn't predictable.