Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hunterification of Stephen Taylor.

You know, regardless of what you think of Speaker Peter Milliken's recent opinion that, no, Stephen Harper is not a king and can't have his own way whenever he wants, it was clearly an opinion of some import. It's no exaggeration to suggest that, depending on the way Milliken ruled, Canadian democracy could have been fundamentally changed forever. So it behooves us to wonder what Captain Canada and Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor thinks about this.

This was a major news event, it was about democracy and, as Stephen Taylor is fond of telling his blog readers as well as the chicks he likes to hit on in bars (who, weirdly, always turn out to be lesbians, darn the luck), he is:

... a scientist, political analyst and a blogger. Taylor writes here regularly and is the founder of Taylor has contributed to Macleans, CTV, talk radio and has been a featured speaker on new media at numerous events including the Western Standard Cruise and the Forum for Public Policy. In December 2008, Taylor organized Rally for Canada, a series of rallies held coast-to-coast to protest the proposed coalition government.

So with political chops like that, we would be remiss in not wondering what Taylor thinks about these recent developments; we want Taylor to share with us the thoughtful and nuanced political punditry that comes with so many years in the political arena. So we pull up a chair, and wait for the wisdom. And we get:

@a_picazo I hear that Peter Milliken is a card-carrying Liberal!

Ha ha, oh man, that is a kneeslapper! Hell, it's the kind of witty zinger I might try out if I was addressing, say, a sandbox full of 8-year-olds. Which, sadly, demonstrates the level of right-wing punditry in Canada these days, when the juvenile smear tactics of one of the country's allegedly best and brightest rising stars is utterly indistingushable from, oh, Blogging Tory "Hunter."

Because this is the current level of Canadian conservatism -- children. Badly-behaved, uneducated, offensive, snotty little turds, incapable of even the most fundamental of intellectual discourse. From Stephen Taylor on down, we have seen the "Hunterification" of right-wing political discourse. People unequipped to carry on a logical conversation or demonstrate the simplest level of critical thinking. Vacuous wastes of time, whose most intellectual contribution to recent and massively important events is nothing more than, "Blar-har-har, he must be a Liberal, ha ha!"

These are not people to be engaged intellectually. They are simply children. And they should be treated that way.


Jim Parrett said...

>They are simply children.

Cannot be overstated. Making fun them is just too easy.

Dr.Dawg said...

No. They are old enough to be ceaselessly mocked. You don't do that to children.

I'd set the age somewhere around a mouthy 16--with pimples.

Anonymous said...

I've given up on trying to engage them and sadly there is not enough medicine to keep them sedated.

deBeauxOs said...

Most children are smarter and less childish than the Blogging Cons.

CK said...

what is it with their instability? I would keep all the sharp objects hidden and locked away from the Romper Roomies.

ambrosia said...

Damn - I missed the Western Standard Cruise!! More fun than a barrel of rattlesnakes I bet!