Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Set entertainment value to "Cripple."

Oh, this should be amusing. I particularly like this dingbat-flavoured fuming and sputtering:

All this targeted activity by the smear machine is designed to scare Marc Lemire off from testifying. Their secondary purpose is to poison the jury pool and damage a witness's credibility before an upcoming trial. Their third objective is to try to tarnish Connie and I and pre-emptively prejudice potential jurors against us.

So, if I read this correctly, people who have spent their lives carefully constructing their public rep as screeching neo-Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists would now like you to, you know, not mention that because it doesn't play all that well in court? Is that about right?

Wow. Talk about "You might have thought of that sooner" coming back to bite you in the ass.

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Ti-Guy said...

I've completely lost the plot on that drama. Wilkins and Fournier seem to be in a full-blown panic about...something...and are spinning the most exquisitely paranoid conspiracy theory.

It's amusing to note this (further down that thread):

The opening strategy of these thugs was to invade Free Dominion with newly-registered aliases and use those aliases to plant racist, homophobic, etc. posts in the Free Dominion forum (sound familiar?). One of their favaourite techiques was to flood our active topics page with threads with ugly and malicious thread titles. If there was a big political event occurring, such as the fight over bill C-250 in which Free Dominion was playing an active role and garnering media attention, they would flood our forum with homophobic appearing threads. This way any newcomer to Free Dominion would get an extremely unflattering and erroneous impression of what Free Dominion is really about.

Fournier fails to note that in those threads, the regulars and the administrators weren't all that interested in condemning or even challenging that hate speech, which is the main reason Free Dominion never rose above the status of hate site, despite its claims of really being about principled conservatism (ha!) and freedom of expression.

I don't buy anything they say for a second. The first thing you DON'T do if you think you're the target of a conspiracy (or any subterfuge) is to air the whole bloody thing in public.