Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear really stupid Blogging Tories:

While you're currently chuckling yourself senseless over the questionable credentials and credibility of apparent snitch Derek Snowdy, might I remind you that your hero Stephen the Corpulent apparently took him seriously enough to strip Helena Guergis of her Cabinet position and boot her sorry ass out of the party.

So you might want to take a minute or two and decide just how you want to present your outrage and who exactly you're mocking here. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

If the special ed children took the time to actually read the complain they would see that he owes $2-million to the Canada Revenue Agency and there is a claim of $11-million by a former business partner.... this is a far cry from owing.

Now calling him a snitch is correct but, when it comes to catching criminals, hey snitches are all right and sometimes the only way to get the "more" guilty ones.

If it were not for snitches, AdScam would be long buried and forgotten - but I'm sure that it's a different scenario for Connies, 'cause it always is...

Even whitout the private dick, there is still the letter on Government letterhead that Helena wrote pushing a company that Jaffers was involved with.

At the moment, there is just too much tangential "occurrences" that only the severely retarded would see that Helena and cokehead are , if not criminally guilty then morally.

Niles said...

CC's right though, it does all come down to the usual suspects completely ignoring that it's the PMO that punted her and called in the RCMP, so if anyone's judgement on bad intel comes into it, it rests with Harper - He Who Saw The Actual Info And Contacted Authorities.

Sadly for them, the eeevil MSM pundits are mulling that very thing today. Either the intel is sound and Harper looks good for punting her, but bad for keeping her around so long when she was unraveling in public...or the intel is bad and Harper lynched her in a panic, out where everyone could see it and wonder what else he's panicked over.

the cbc power and politics poll might have been freeped, it was rather drily reported as 90percent (I'm paraphrasing) Harper looks like an untrustworthy dweeb and 10percent Harper is a good guy.

If it wasn't freeped....

vw: conses. like senses, only the ability for loyal conservatives to tell their Leader is the greatest, no matter what he does.

CK said...

Ever wonder why some bankrupt 2-bit PI has more credibility than Richard Colvin?

liberal supporter said...

I wonder if the PI has a scam going on. He's being sued for $11M, though the case has not gone to judgment. So he is bankrupt, CRA gets .1 cents on the dollar (he has $13K, owes $13M) and the $2M is settled for $2K. CRA is the junior creditor being owed less than 20% of the total liability.

Then the former associate could drop the suit, PI keeps the $11K and emerges from bankruptcy with CRA forced to settle for what it got.