Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Blogging Tories: Please shut up.

I give you (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

[PM spokesman Dimitri] Soudas said the allegations against Guergis are "serious and credible" and that a Conservative Party lawyer was asked to inform her because of "legal issues."

So, Blogging Tories, please shut the hell up with your, "They're all baseless, unfounded innuendo SHRIEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!" When the PM's office admits that the allegations are "credible," you all should really, well, you know, just shut the hell up. In a "shutting the hell up" kind of way.

LET ME MAKE A PREDICTION: If you read that article, you get the impression that Guergis really, really wants to address these allegations, wants to set the record straight, wants to clear the air, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda.

Now that the allegations are actually out there, I predict that there will be a flurry of "I'm sorry, but on advice of counsel, I won't comment on an ongoing criminal investigation."

Anyone want to bet against that? You want a piece of that action? Come on ... Daddy needs a brand new bottle of Macallan.


sooey said...

Telling her that the allegations are "serious and credible" is not at all the same thing as telling her what the allegations are.

CC said...

That's not the point I was making, sooey. I was only pointing out that even the PMO considered the allegations presented to them as being serious and credible. Which means that all of the current hysterical yammering about baseless rumours and innuendo can be summarily dismissed.

sooey said...

And my point is that it wouldn't matter if there were "serious and credible" allegations against her or not. The PMO dumped her so it could hold up its hands and say, "See? Clean!"

The Seer said...

In my opinion, smoke is emanating from the entrails of the Right Hon. Stephen Harper.