Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dean Del Mastro blows dead bears.

Sue me, fatso.

OFFS! Start on page 9. He's kind of a fragile, delicate wallflower for such a yappy, bloated lardbucket, isn't he?

(Wag of the tail to commenter Cherniak_WTF.)


Anonymous said...

And who does he have in his LOVE club?
Heidi Del Mastro
Douglas Del Mastro

The fat fuck is a dick.

There is one commenters there that has guts as she writes:

Since the original members of this group consisted of family members, friends and at least one employee of Del Mastro, I would like to see him held responsible for furthering the libelous statement in the info section of this group. They have clearly thumbed their noses at the laws of Canada. Ann was even directly accused by his staff member of calling him "fatso". A member of our local media had thought this libelous statement was true. Because it was posted within the info section (not a comment) in a group formed of members of his inner circle, and since his staff were aware of it and said they would advise Del Mastro to take no action to remove the statment, HE NEEDS TO ISSUE A PUBLIC APOLOGY!

The punishment for being found guilty of publishing material known to be false and harmful to a person’s reputation is up to 5 years imprisonment under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Dean "Fatso" Del Mastro is truly a Conservative, cutting and running when it comes to any kind of responsibility...

Anonymous said...

This is actually funny

28 March 2006
Douglas Del Mastro 448 Abound Crescent Peterborough, ON K9J 8S3 (705) 876 8077 home / (705) 742 1150 work
Re: Your letter of complaint & CRTC Reference: 293681
Dear Mr. Del Mastro, I am responding to your fax letter addressed to the CRTC, timestamped “03/14/2006 16:25”, and in receipt of a copy of the CRTC’s response to you, dated 21 March 2006.
Established and operated by the students of Trent University to be shared with the community as a whole, Trent Radio is designed with the production of exceptional radio in mind. Its aims and objectives include producer-oriented programming and broad community participation for the production of creative local radio. We strive to be an organisation where people are learning and creating together. We direct, support and inspire ~300 volunteer Programmers annually, and provide radio production equipment and related training, direction and facilities in support of radio programming activities and programmer development, pursuant to the production and broadcast of over 6,000 hours radio programming per year.
In your letter you state that "[O]n March 14th, at approximately 8:30 PM" comments were made about your brother, the Honourable Dean Del Mastro, M.P., "which were of a demeaning and libelous nature", including "remarks about his weight, and how big a big a splash he would make if he were pushed into the Trent Canal."
I have made a careful and thorough review of all material broadcast on Trent Radio on Tuesday, 14 March 2006 between 8 p.m. & 9 p.m., and having found no evidence that would support any of the allegations made in your letter, the preceding and following hours. Accordingly, I have made and will hold audio copies of these three hours until your case is resolved.
I categorically state that during that three hour period, namely between 7 p.m. & 10 p.m., on Tuesday, 14 March 2006, no references were broadcast by Trent Radio, directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly about the Honourable M.P., anyone’s weight, the Trent Canal, nor were any comments made about any person that were of a demeaning and libellous nature.
In interests of helping all parties resolve this matter I do ask, on what evidence do you base your allegations? Sincerely,
John K. Muir

Cry much?

Ti-Guy said...

*sheesh* Poor woman. She tries to deal with an issue professionally and in doing so, is soiled by the exposure to Dean Del Fatso's team of trailer trash. For an issue that could be resolved in a nanosecond.