Monday, April 19, 2010

Suddenly, that long gun registry makes a lot more sense.

Arnie "Mr. Kathy Shaidle" Lemaire wants our current politicians to understand that he's pissed and he can always figure out where they live:

"Omar Khadr wants $10 M in damages from Ottawa"

Any government that grants that little sh*t dime one deserves to be overthrown by any means necessary.

Arnie isn't specifically advocating firearms-related dissension, but he'd like you to know that the phrase "any means necessary" really gives one a lot of latitude. If you catch my drift.

BONUS TRACK: Blogging Tory "Natasha" is a big fan of settling issues like this with one well-aimed bullet. On the other hand, we on the Left are incredibly uncivil because we sometimes use naughty words. Apparently, that's worse.


Jim Parrett said...

These people need a good fucking. They're obviously not getting it at home.

The Seer said...

Let's not read any more into this than Arnie said. What Arnie means is any constitutional means necessary, guns being a constitutional means of bringing down a government, coalitions being an unconstitutional means of bringing down a government.

The Seer said...

And furthermore, in Mid-South NAFTALand, Pastor Stan Craig sez he "was trained to defend the liberties of this nation." He declared that he was prepared to "suit up, get my gun, go to Washington, and do what they trained me to do." COC

wv weapigar ns

Ti-Guy said...

Any government that grants that little sh*t dime one deserves to be overthrown by any means necessary.

"...and with that, Arnie hit the ENTER key, furiously slammed down the lid of his laptop, swept the coffee table clear of old Burger King wrappers, threw Kathie down on the surface and took her, right there and then."

...and with that, Kathy closed the lid of her laptop quietly, sighed wistfully and reached for the fresh Baconater to her right, her third one that day.

Lindsay Stewart said...

um. can we ban ti-guy for that mental picture? bad. bad ti. bad. go sit in the corner of the internet.

Ti-Guy said...

I know. You can just imagine Kathie unhinging her jaw to take the entire Baconater into her mouth, in one bite.


CK said...

ACtually, if you check the comments over at Squirrel and Moose, one has to wonder if Natasha and her commenters, including Jabba the roy advocate child abuse (Khadr was a minor when he was incarcerated). They were saying that Omar Khadr deserved to 'get it', as in prison rape in an American prison

This is soooo shameful...I can't even link it.

sooey said...

It's racism. They'd never be saying any of this if the POTUS wasn't black.