Saturday, April 17, 2010

I think Helena's got some serious splainin' to do.

OK, let's try this defense:

[Said Helena Guergis] “After assuring myself that my husband had absolutely no business links or financial interest in Mr. Wright’s company, I wrote to the Warden and Council of Simcoe County urging that Mr. Wright be given an opportunity to discuss his alternative waste management technology.”

That would be this company. Apparently, it doesn't take much for Helena to assure herself.

AFTERSNARK: One has to wonder about the awesome rigour of Guergis' vetting process. I'm imagining something like this:

Guergis: "Now it's just a formality, Mr. Wright, but I have to ask if you currently have any business relationship of any kind with any immediate members of my family."

Wright: "Yes."

Guergis: (Pause.) "So we're good then."

I'm pretty sure it went down something like that, no?

HANG ON: What's this?

Guergis said Wright, who has a cottage in her Simcoe-Grey riding, told her he was a constituent of hers and, as such, she felt it was her obligation to support his initiative, the statement said.

Wright was a "constituent" simply because he owns a cottage in Guergis' riding? How exactly does that work? Either Wright is one of Guergis' constituents, or he isn't. And I'm not sure that depends on whether someone simply owns a vacation spot in the right place.

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sooey said...

Gawd forbid Jim Prentice should give the guy a hearing. Oh wait, he's a green energy producer, not a mining executive.