Friday, April 16, 2010

That's what we call a "conflict of interest."

Oh, the things you learn if you're sufficiently patient:

Helena Guergis touted firm linked to husband Rahim Jaffer
In letter to local council, minister promoted green deal but failed to mention tie to Jaffer

Helena Guergis touted a green technology company to Simcoe County officials while her husband Rahim Jaffer and businessman Nazim Gillani were involved in a plan to take the firm public in a $1 billion deal.

Guergis wrote a letter last September to the top municipal politician of Simcoe County, Tony Guergis, suggesting he and council take a good look at a company called Wright Tech Systems. Tony is Helena's cousin and at the time was the senior municipal official in Simcoe.

"I feel it is my responsibility to encourage you to consider this presentation about alternative waste management technology," Guergis wrote on her member of Parliament letterhead.

Cabinet ministers and MPs are forbidden from using their position to influence a person or organization to benefit their interest or that of relatives or friends, according to the federal Conflict of Interest Act.

Neither Jaffer nor Guergis would comment on this story.

Drip, drip, drip ...


sooey said...

What the fuck's a Christian?!

Moon Rattled said...

In a few months when the shit-absorbing fan is so clogged with shit it's fanning shit into the stratosphere, the Blogging Whoring Tories will deny they ever supported these criminals. Because that's how they roll.