Monday, April 19, 2010

When logic takes a beating.

Shorter Blogging Tory "Iceman": "It's clear that these attacks on Conservative women have nothing to do with their appalling incompetence and dishonesty or their being simply horrible human beings; it's all just misogyny. You know, like how we Blogging Tories attack Barack Obama relentlessly, not because of his politics or policies, but just because we all hate niggers."


sooey said...

Actually, political husbands seem to be quite a liability for female politicians - period. Women shouldn't get married. Men just drag them down.

Southern Quebec said...

You left out this gem by Frosty! First time ever that the words "insightful and Hunter" used in the same sentence!

"I should defer my defense of Conservative women to "Climbing Out of the Dark", a female Blogging Tory who wrote two very insightful posts on this subject this week..."

This is satire, right...

CC said...

"First time ever that the words "insightful and Hunter" used in the same sentence!"

I don't think so. I'm fairly sure I've used the expression, "There's insightful, and then there's Hunter," on at least one previous occasion. But that's just a guess.

Niles said...

(boggles from the comments over there) Maureen McTeer took beatings from the *LEFT* over...

...actually, he leaves that part vague, handwaving about her not fitting the mold.

Strangely my memories of the time when Ms McTeer took political heat for the audacity of not-taking-her-husband's-surname oh-the-hideous feminist-demasculinator (among her other heinously independent thinking acts) yes, these memories state that Ms. McTeer took heavy gabbling flak from the horrified patriarchs of the RIGHT, who were all certain her selfish socialist behaviour was going to alienate their voting base of 'traditional family values'.

And what was worse...Mr. Clark...was *allowing* his wife to get away with it, inciting quite the cause celebre at the time.

Contrast that to Mrs. Laureen/Steven's helpmeet, who quietly packed away her own surname in favour of Harper when it became apparent her lord and husband would be king. And only then oddly enough. But there was nothing political *coercing* her I'm sure.

It's good to see Iceman has taken the his-Tory revision courses offered by Born Five Minutes Ago Propaganda Central located at Up Is Down and Right is Left Fizzbin Lane.

Scotian said...

You know, like Niles I have the same funny recollection of where the shrieking about Maureen McTeer's keeping her last name came from, as well as the not so subtle hints that Clark letting her showed him to be a weak spineless man undeserving of any leadership position let alone the top office of the land. That they were so sure it would alienate their voting base to let a married woman keep her maiden name spoke volumes to me at the time about just how poorly they understood the wider Canadian populace as well as saying less than complimentary things about their base. The level of revisionist history we see from the modern Canadian Conservative is just appalling, and indeed on more than one occasion invites comparison to those masterworks of revisionism and horror of the 20th century penned by an ugly little man born as Schicklgruber and his henchmen back in the 30s and earlier 40s. Seriously, while this one doesn't rise to that level far too much else we see from the modern Canadian Conservative activist does, a fact that horrifies me as well as disgusts me. One of my main reasons for loving CC's blog is the unwavering commitment to exposing and ridiculing such "thinking" in as stark and clear a manner as we see here. While I may lack the ability to do so in such sharp and incisive a manner myself I certainly appreciate it when I see it being done with such expertise, excellence, and quality control in appropriate choosing of targets for such proper derision and scorn.

Niles said...

scotian: high five to the other old geek for reinforcing my reality based alternate history.

ok. had enough excitement for the day or you want to race rocking chairs?

vw: dismsmsi. it sounds like a condition brought on reading blogs like iceman.

Metro said...

Joe Clark say he always favoured his wife keeping her own name:

"After all," he said "It would be too confusing for a child having a mummy and a daddy both named 'Joe.'"
~HT. The Air Farce Book