Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adscam! Adscam, fer Chrissake!

In the comments section over at the CBC, we learn that Conservatives have a limited repertoire once you wind them up and place them on the floor:

"Adscam! Adscam, fer Chrissake!
"Do you have any choc ices?"
"Of course not, all I've got is this bloody Adscam! It's a bloody scandal is what it is!"
"What flavour is it?"
"It's no bloody, bleedin', bloody flavour, is it? It's a bloody scandal! Adscam!"
"Does it come with wafers?"
"Wafers!?!? Of course it doesn't come with wafers, you stupid cocksucker, it's a scandal for God's sake! Adscam! Adscam, fer Chrissake! *Hork* *Spit*. Adscam!!"

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