Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Defund The Catholic School System

Okay. There are times when the jokes are just so obvious, they leap off the page like salmon heading up river to spawn.

Two prominent Ottawa Catholic leaders — including Archbishop Terrence Prendergast — spoke out Wednesday on the province’s new sex-ed curriculum, pointing to what appears to be an emerging rift between the government and its publicly funded Catholic schools.

world's largest paedophile club and spa is apparently content with their own sex education curriculum. Courses like How High the Cassock Father 101 and Advanced Plunder the Boy Soprano. But you. You're all deviants, whores and disordered if you employ contraception, masturbate, have lustful thoughts, love those of your own gender, dare to have intimate contact without a contract etc. Have another sacred cookie you fucking hypocrites, enablers and crooks.

A senior Ottawa Catholic board official says her schools will not adhere to the new curriculum, contrary to Premier Dalton McGuinty’s contention earlier in the day that the program applied to “all students in publicly funded schools, including Catholic schools.”

Perhaps a senior Ottawa Catholic board official should start cashing her cheques without a contribution from the public purse.

“Mr. McGuinty seems to be misinformed here,” said Jan Bentham, co-ordinator of religious and family life education for the Ottawa Catholic School Board. “The ministry consulted with ICE (the Institute for Catholic Education) and they were very aware there would be some content we would not be delivering in Catholic schools.”

Well it is high time that the Ontario Ministry of Education made the Catholic school boards of this province aware that they can teach their medieval gibberish without the funding of the taxpayer.

The most obvious element rejected by Catholic schools will be a third-grade lesson on “visible and invisible differences” that features discussion of homosexuality.

Homosexuality won’t be raised in Catholic schools until grade 8, according to Bentham, when it will be covered “from a faith perspective,” she said. Catholic teaching considers homosexual acts to be “disordered.”

Won't be raised? What grade does the church plan to cover the current topic of child sexual abuse, they are the experts in the field. Sorry Popeaholics, but with the deeply entrenched and ever unfolding tales of sexual deviance and violence against children that have come to characterize the church, you do not have the moral authority to label anyone disordered. You do not get to take the public's money and condescend to inflict your small minded, superstitious bigotry upon the student body. If your parishioners want their children taught ignorance and intolerance then those families should foot the damn bill for it. You evil fucks have gotten away with murder for far too long. You can pretend to piety all you like but imposing your blindness and stupidity on youth is just another form of child abuse. Cut the funding for Catholic schools now, redirect that funding to the public school system and be done with it.

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Renee said...

Huzzah! etc.

s said...

"Ontario's Catholic premier made it clear that all public schools must teach the lessons that will start as early as age six."

"But McGuinty — whose wife is a Catholic school teacher — said it's a responsible way to teach kids about sex in an age where it's easy to access information, whether it's from their friends or the Internet."

"Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky, a former Catholic school board trustee, noted that Ontario's Catholic bishops have endorsed the changes."

But why tell two sides of a story when it only gets in the way of your hate filled rant?

Southern Quebec said...

Headline from Fark:

"Missing boy dropped off at Catholic cathedral unharmed...for now"


ThinkingManNeil said...

I've never understood public funding for sectarian schools of any stripe; it's an unfair, outdated privilege that should should be discontinued for all immediately, especially when superstitious twaddle promotes ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, lack of critical thinking and mindless obedience to historically corrupt institutions that can do nothing to establish the veracity of their nonsensical claims. It's time for Ontario, Ontarians, Canadians and humanity in general to abandon such backward thinking and grow up.


Lindsay Stewart said...

um, s.... the hate filled ranting comes from the bizarre creatures that would declare a goodly portion of the population disordered all the while closeting and protecting their paedophile clergy.

"Prendergast said. “I believe one of the most important things for children in learning about family life and sexuality issues is to have it in the context of a warm family that explains things to them and helps them to deal with that.

“I think parents are the first teachers of faith and moral issues to children,” he added.

Prendergast urged parents to assert their own thoughts on the new course design and then relay them to officials. Government would have to act if they were met with “a firestorm of response,” he said.

“Governments are there not to dictate to us, but to be responsive to our needs and to co-ordinate matters in our society for the wellbeing of all. They’re not there to govern every aspect of our lives.”

Defiance of the people who pay your way is not the wisest of policy, unless of course you're a smug creature fronting for a dishonest set of pious thugs.

"Prendergast, who heads McGuinty’s own Ottawa archdiocese, was more clear about the power he and other senior church leaders have over their school curriculum.

Prendergast called that freedom a “very complex reality.”

“When we discussed these matters at the Bishop’s meeting in March in Toronto, one of the things that is clear is that whatever is prescribed by the government on issues of sexuality, life and faith — these are to be understood in the rights that Catholics have by the denominational school system to apply them and to interpret them in their own way.”

Shorter: we'll just make up our own rules. Thanks for all the cash, suckers. Go stuff your head back up your pipe S.

Ti-Guy said...

I've never understood public funding for sectarian schools of any stripe..

I used to be somewhat opposed to it (when I cared to think about it), but the experience in the US has given me pause to think about it. Bringing religious schools under the administration of the public education system has the effect of refining and integrating religious beliefs and practices within the wider, more diverse secular community, at least as far as the experience in Ontario shows.

Compare that with the US, where devout people are either attempting to screw with the curriculum in the resolutely public school systems which causes no end of public strife and upheavals in the curriculum, or alternately, causes religious parents to withdraw their kids (and their money) from the public system (which, in the US tradition of state/church separation is viewed as not secular, but entirely Godless and thus eeevil in the eyes of many devout people) in preference to isolated institutions that may be promoting more extreme religious beliefs or practices or to opt for home schooling, both of which produce, contrary to what some people think, highly-educated, disciplined and doctrinaire thinkers who pose a real threat to the rest of us, later on.

sooey said...

Canadians are cheap. Catholics would send their kids to public school. And the people of Ontario, including Catholics, would vote in droves for the party that promised to end the charade of Catholic school funding.