Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The irony is positively nut-crushing.

Via one of the dumbest Blogging Tories in BTdom, we have the National Post's Jonathan Kay, blending in nicely with the other 99 monkeys and their typewriters:

I doubt this will register as epic news outside of Toronto. But it has just come to my attention that Antonia Zerbisias is no longer writing a column for the Toronto Star. Her March 31 effort -- a not untypical Zerb rant against the evils of Canadian foreign policy -- informed readers that "This will be my last column for The Star's Living section. Thanks for reading, and for writing. Stay tuned for news of my next assignment for The Star." (Her subsequent piece, published in April, describe her as a "Feature Writer.")

Jonathan blithers on for a while longer, barely able to conceal his seething jealousy of someone with actual talent, then drops this steaming turd on the dining room carpet:

It's not just that Canada has become a more conservative country over the past few years -- which it has. It's the discipline imposed by the blogosphere (including blogs run by this and other newspapers), which immediately point out and mock hysterical, or incorrect information contained in other media.

Yes, Jonathan ... like when a national newspaper prints a bogus story of Iran forcing Jews to wear badges, and those of us in the Left-o-sphere have to correct the record, while those in the Dumbshit-o-sphere shriek with outrage and swallow that fairy tale in one gulp. You mean like that, Jonathan? Yeah, I know what you mean.

: Jonathan gets a public spanking from one "Shelglen":

It is great that the National Post exists - although in semi-bankruptcy (funny, that!). It provides a place for hard-right pseudo-columnists to write their usual uninformed & nasty verbiage, & to have other knuckle-draggers cheer them on. It's a nice little club for the intellectual & morally deprived.

Thank you, Jonathon, for the nice list of all your Con journos, just to give people a very clear direction of who NOT to read. No one with an actual functional brain reads those people. Maggie Wente at the Star is "the most popular columnist there"? Upon what fantasy do you base this dreck?

As for Ms. Zerbisias, it happens that she did not "lose" her column, but went over to features because so many women want to read an actual representative intelligent female writer on broader topics, which the Star management agreed to.

You should be so lucky, Jon, as to have even one-tenth the writing & journalistic abilities, than Zerbisias has. You aren't even interesting.

To which Jonathan digs deep intellectually and snaps back:

Hi Antonia ... I mean "Shelglen"

Now that is some witty shit, Jonathan. I remember when I used to have zippy retorts like that. When I was five.

The National Post: Canada's journalistic equivalent of "Everybody Gets a Trophy" Day.

UPPITY DATE: Awwwwwwwwwkward.


Ti-Guy said...

God, that's so embarrassingly puerile.

Someone named "Shelglen" tells him off in the comments and he responds:

"Hi Antonia ... I mean 'Shelglen'"

I bet his harpy of mother wrote that column for him.

fern hill said...

Jonny is going to have to eat his words. Just sayin'.

Ti-Guy said...

Anyway, if you check Zerbisias's twitter feed, she seems to be having a grand old time. Unrelated to her noting that The National Post is being sued for libelling a climate scientist, I'm sure.


Moon Rattled said...

I can't bear to even look at the National Post. For me it's as much a waste of time as Weekly World News, only with less entertainment value.

Before the Internet, Wingnuts were largely not seen or heard. But now they all have keyboards. Ugh.

Frank Frink said...

Before the Internet, Wingnuts were largely not seen or heard. But now they all have keyboards.

If they didn't then what or who would we have to mock?

wv = bidecule

See. Even word verification mocks them.

jkg said...

It is rather surprising just how many people still maintain that the National Post is very popular, despite the obvious fact that it was facing bankruptcy let alone solvency issues.

It is coming to a point where it does not matter that Antonia has enough talent to develop staying power, this will be just another whine fest littered with overgeneralizations by the usual insecure suspects while engaging meaningless discourse about how this monolithic 'leftist' cabal of a media is ruining Canada.

CK said...

When will that rag finally fold once and for all? Heaven forbid Johnny Boy should get a real job!!

Besides it might me fun watching all the blogging romper roomies go into one collective sob fest.

Ti-Guy said...

If they didn't then what or who would we have to mock?

We used to mock ourselves. Which was a lot more fun than trying to find humour in the childish, mean-spirited dreck these assholes spew.

Remember how much fun The Royal Canadian Air Farce had with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau when it was on the radio? With Chr├ętien? Remember the Clinton years? Remember Saturday Night Live poking fun at National Public Radio?


Holly Stick said...

Here's some amusement for you, Ti-Guy; check out your lawsuit link for the Statement of Claim. Not only are some anonymous commenters at the National Post included in the suit; the NP is also expected to help toget various other websites to stop posting the allegedly defamatory articles. And some of the website names listed near the end are familiar; FD, SDA, etc.

Funny, FD link isn't working; but SDA appears to be ablivious.

wv = upfumets as in "Upfumets, you foul defamers!

Frank Frink said...

Ti-Guy, I also remember the fun we had with Nixon, Gerald Ford, Reagan, Thatcher, Mulroney.

Then again there was The Carter Family, not the Appalachian musical group.

These things go in cycles.

Ti-Guy said...

I hope so. Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney were the last Conservatives who had a sense of humour.