Monday, April 19, 2010

Honest to Christ, as God is my witness, ...

I have no freakin' idea what to do with this:

Are there any standards for Blogging Tories membership?
Posted by Craig Smith on April 16, 2010 at 10:07pm

That would be Craig "Ferrethouse" Smith, founder of "Canadian Conservatives" and co-founder of Canada's Blogging Tories, whose membership rolls include such stellar, thoughtful right-wing intellectuals as Kate McMillan, "Hunter", Maria "Dodo" Nunes, Jabba the Roy, Canadian Sentinel, "Iceman," JoJo, Justin "Roid Rage" Hoffer, Adrian MacNair, Ezra Levant and -- God help us all -- the man who gets a woody every time a black person is murdered, "Neo Conservative."

No, Craig -- apparently, there are no standards. I'm glad I could be of assistance there.

AFTERSNARK: Hard to believe that any human being could have written the following:

... Opposes torture?

I'm fairly certain that this guy gets 95% of his traffic from Blogging Tories and he slags the values that most Blogging Tories members support.

A hallmark of the Blogging Tories is their principled and relentless opposition to torture? Huh. When exactly did that happen, Craig?


CK said...

Actually, I think Hoffer was booted out awhile ago. I don't see his posts in the BT Agregator anymore. Perhaps they realized he's not stable.

And Craig ain't one to talk: he has Twatsy in his Canadian Conservative Club. BTs don't

dupmar said...

I think you misunderstood the exchange. Craig Smith complains that blogger Civitatensis "slags the values that most blogging
tories support" and "clearly has mastered liberal talkin points", and lists the following four :

Against the death penalty?
Supports gun control?
Against stricter immigration laws?
Opposes torture?

From the Civitatensis excerpt, he is referring to mob justice and vigilante-style lynching and torture. From this Craig Smith concludes Civitatensis objects
to all forms of torture, including state-sanctionned torture. From this one can reasonably conclude that blogging tories are not expected to "oppose torture" but rather to
advocate its use, and that those who state an objection to torture, whatever its nature, have "mastered liberal talking points" and that their membership in the blogging tory aggregate
is suspect. Ergo with capital punishment.

With such standards, Diefenbaker, Stanfield and most of the Mulroney era Progressive Conservatives would not have made the grade.

sooey said...

I don't hear Mulroney speaking out against torture. Of course, I don't hear Ignatieff speaking out against torture, either.

Dr.Dawg said...

Thanks, Dupmar. I wasn't at my articulate best earlier. Indeed, Craig Smith sees opposition to torture as contrary to Tory values.

That would be this Craig Smith.

CC said...

OK, so I misread that. That just makes it even creepier.

thwap said...

A strict reading of that would say that Smith believes torture is a conservative value and that opposing it is therefore anti-conservative. To be fair to you CC, it's not clear that's what Smith is trying to say, first, because if he literally means that, then he's insane and secondly, he's generally inarticulate and confused.

The Seer said...

With such standards, Diefenbaker, Stanfield and most of the Mulroney era Progressive Conservatives would not have made the grade[?]

Now me — I thought the whole point behind the Northern Alliance was to purge the anti-Reagan "Progressivism" from the Conservative party.

Ti-Guy said...

It's clear to me that Craig is saying that it's a Conservative value to support torture.

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