Sunday, April 25, 2010

The irresponsibility of Frank Graves.

It's disappointing that EKOS pollster Frank Graves would have publicly said something like this:

... in an interview today with The Globe and Mail to explain his apology, Mr. Graves went on to say that polling data shows the Conservative Party “does seem to provide a haven” for people with xenophobic or homophobic views.

What an asinine thing to suggest. How Graves could have overlooked the Stephen Harper Party of Canada as being a haven for truly stupid people and scientific illiterates as well is something I will never forgive him for.


Anonymous said...

I liked this passage:
Mr. Teneycke, a former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper who is now paid by the CBC to provide regular commentary, accused Mr. Graves of having a Liberal bias
One only has to read any Twitter posting or FB by the boy blunder Teneycke to know that he still is a fluffer from anything Conservative.

Ironic that the people that decry the CBC are so eager to be paid by them for spewing Connie talking points.
Teneycke pretends not to understand what Graves is saying, goes into full outrage mode and rallies the blithering idiots to blog about the incident. dr roy has a little outrage about this little incident "proofing" that the MSM has a bias...

As for EKOS, it's funny how Connies get offended at facts... They would much prefer that people use their biased pollsters...

sooey said...

Those partisan panels are a bore and a waste of taxpayers' money. It's political advertising. The parties should be paying the CBC for the airtime.