Monday, August 18, 2008

So where are you gonna get your douchebaggery NOW? Huh? HUH!?

Canada's Most Superest Bestest Awesomest Blogger™ makes her regular fun of the mainstream media and their talent for pooching a story:

Quite so, Kate. Because when the MSM is dead and gone, who will we turn to for cutting-edge news about, oh, Iran and Jews and badges? Whoops.

Or Iraqi democracy by way of fried chicken parts? Whoops.

And when it comes to embarrassing miscalculations, well ... whoops.

Fear not, Kate ... when the mainstream media is but a memory, we will still have a regular source of ignorant douchebaggery and hideously inaccurate dumbassitude. I doubt we're going to run out of that any time soon.

AFTERSNERK: Note well how Canada's Superest Awesomest Blogger still hasn't retracted her post regarding Fallujah's (fictional) KFC outlet, despite the fact that I've mocked her mercilessly about that on at least two occasions.

Canada's dumbass whingers: Never apologize. Never retract. And, above all, never get it right. Rules to live by.

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Red Tory said...

Heh. I saw that last night. Figured you'd be all over her for a question just begging the answer you provided.

Retraction? Get real.