Tuesday, August 05, 2008


And there was much rejoicing in the wankersphere due to the recent availability of fried chicken parts in war zones, so that even Canada's Bestest Blogger™ was caught up in the rapturific ... uh, rapture of it all.

And then there's the eventual outing of reality.

Canadian Cynic: When you prefer to not be an ignorant, gullible retard. Right, Kate?

BY THE WAY, I am seriously pissed with myself because the instant I read that original news piece, my first reaction was, "There is no way this can be true. Give it time, and it'll turn out to be another right-wing hoax." But, sadly, I wrote no post saying so.

Damn. Another missed opportunity to be right about everything.


Reality Bites said...

The KFC is clearly not in anything close to the usual typeface. That is one HUGE clue that whether it was a fake restaurant or fake picture, there was definitely NOT a licensed KFC outlet there.

Dr.Dawg said...

Saw one like that in Nuku'alofa. In fact, here it is. ("Moa" is "chicken" in Tongan.)

Ti-Guy said...

I love the comment at TPM:

Now, call us cynical, but something about that segment seemed off -- oddly upbeat even.

Oddly upbeat? On American teevee news, where it's a constant parade of giggly gush and obnoxious, pointless, witless blather when it's not featuring a juvenile shriek fest, punctuated now and again by faux-earnestness, comical grandiloquence and outright condescending pomposity?

I swear, they're all doing either coke or Oxycontin.

KEvron said...

leaving the hoax aspect aside for a minute.... fats food joints are a milestone of democrcy?!


Gube said...

@Kevron: Of course! Haven't you ever heard of the Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention?

Ti-Guy said...

leaving the hoax aspect aside for a minute.... fats food joints are a milestone of democrcy?!

It's a milestone that provides familiarity for a people who are convinced there is only one form of democracy in the world.

I wonder how the giggly coke addicts on Fox and Friends would have reacted to a Harvey's or a Tesco's going up in Fallujah? Probably with a deep sense of foreboding...

By the way...someone, please hit Brian Kilmeade in the face...hard.

Reality Bites said...

ti-guy, Tesco's has moved into California and Arizona under the stealth name "Fresh and Easy." Forget Fallujah, they're right in America's front yard!

The Seer said...

Tesco's is sooo Cindy McCain! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-412195/Tesco-condemned-selling-pole-dancing-toy.html

900ft Jesus said...

I love how KKK's fans join in on the - oh isn't it wonderful that the poor brown folks now have access to Western fineries such as KFC, then go on to insult the same brown people by implying they use pigeons instead of poultry.

Damn hypocrites!