Friday, June 27, 2008

Yes, Reid ... whatever you say, dear.

Blogging Tory "Right from Alberta" Reid is not happy with Stephane Dion:

... Dion is hosting a reception at a restaurant and a breakfast at the Zoo. Dion's reception is exclusively for Laurier Club members (people who donate the max allowable to the Liberal Party) and thus not open to the public. The breakfast is technically open to the public, but since you have to pay to get in (when there's free pancakes to be had all over town) the only people who will be going will be Liberal supporters.

There will be no "average joes & janes" there. And any soundbytes of people cheering and applauding must be understood to be those of people who support the Liberals no matter what (like stealing taxpayers' money). Make no mistake, Dion doesn't have the balls to stand in front of average Calgarians (or any other Albertan).

Excellent point, Reid. And speaking of pants-pissing cowards who don't have any cojones:

You must have seen that coming.


liberal supporter said...

What a laugh, he's paying to go to a Harper BBQ even though it is "expensive", but Dion's breakfast will have no average joes and janes and only have die hard supporters?

So Dion is afraid to stand in front of "average" Albertans because you have to pay to see him, while Harper is the man of the people because you have to pay to see him...

Isn't Harper the one who is afraid to debate Dion? Otherwise, would this not be a great opportunity while they are in the same city?

Reid said...

I love how you miss the point. But that's nothing new for you. I included the Harper bbq because it too is a partisaned event that will appeal to supporters and not average joes and janes. I don't imagine too many Tim Horton's workers showing up. The SAME as Dion's event.

The difference is that Harper is actually a Calgary MP and the event is a fund raiser for his EDA. And in fact the event has been popular here since Preston Manning was the MP for the same riding. It has some history.

Dion is coming here to try and sell his Green Shaft to Calgarians, and yet he's going to avoid the place where most average Calgarians will be.

Mike said...

"The difference is that Harper is actually a Calgary MP and the event is a fund raiser for his EDA"

So, would this EDA then know how much money was paid to Ezra Levant to step aside and let Harper parachute in? I mean, someone there must know, being and EDA and all.

Maybe I'll ask the same question to Pierre Poilievre, who is my MP and was Ezra Levant's communication director at the time.

Do any of these guys have the balls to stand up to an Ontarian (or hell, any Canadian) and answer those questions reid? You know, for the sake of openness and accountability?

Or is it that its cowardly only when a Liberal does it.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I think Dion is a milquetoast spineless nerd myself...but Harper isn't any better. And that is rather the point of CC's post, in case you missed it.

Lore_Weaver said...

What Dion's doing is disingenuous. He's going to goto Calgary, pitch The Green Shift to a bunch of Liberal die-hards, then go back to Ontario and Quebec and say, "See, they even support it in Alberta."

It's not right when our guy does it either, but that doesn't mean Dion should get a free pass.

CC said...


You're getting ahead of yourself. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Dion pitching to a group of hard-core Liberals.

It would, of course, be a problem if he subsequently described that as getting general support, but we have no idea whether that's going to happen yet, do we?

So let's be patient. If Dion misrepresents what he did, then he's a lying douchebag. But let's wait and see, shall we?

liberal supporter said...

It is natural for CPC supporters to expect Dion to do what Harper would in a similar situation.

I think Dion will be pleased if his breakfast simply demonstrates that there actually are Liberal supporters in Calgary, contrary to received CPC revelation. I'm sure the CPC goons will be watching and taking down names.

And like it was for St-Jean-Baptiste Day, they are both in the same city, but Steve, I am sure is far too busy and important to debate anything.

Reid said...


Nice dodge by changine the subject to something totally irrelevant to the discussion at hand. But since you insisted... I believe Ezra has answered that question directly himself.

As for the rest... the media is already portraying Dion's trip to flip flap jacks at the zoo as him taking his message to the people at Stampede.

But he said it will be good for them - and he's taking that message to the Calgary Stampede next weekend.
The Opposition Leader will be in Alberta for the Calgary Stampede first to discuss how there will be more investments in that particular province, as well as in Saskatchewan, because more will be done to cut fossil fuels.

No need to wait for the disengenousness to start.

liberal supporter said...

No need to wait for the disengenousness to start.
No, you're doing nicely. Who says he won't go to the Stampede itself?

It does say here that the Stampede features pancake breakfasts "around the city".

I'm sure you think Easterners are dullards, but many have been to the Stampede, and anywhere in Calgary during Stampede time is pretty much as good as "being there".

You're just miffed because you know the media will make sure everyone knows both are in town but Harper is too "busy" strutting around importantly on his home turf to debate.

Holly Stick said...

At any rate Dion can't look any more dorky in a cowboy hat than Harper did a couple of years ago.

sharonapple88 said...

It was probably the struggle to find the right outfit that stopped Harper from making an appearance in 2002.