Thursday, May 29, 2008

You won't look so stupid if you actually know things.

Following Red Tory's earlier pointer, we meet "Orville" who, because he has no grip on reality, chooses to manufacture his own:

Can we keep things in perspective and limit the hyperbole and the Liberal manufactured indignation and fear mongering. The papers left behind by Bernier, although considered classified, were not, as only the CBC would call ’sensitive’.

Fact of the matter is that the content of the papers was available to anybody, subversive or otherwise, by a simple request via the access to information of the government.

And then reality steps up and plants one right in Orville's happy sack:

Harper government lacks transparency, information czar charges
Jack Aubry, CanWest News Service
Published: Wednesday, May 30 2007

OTTAWA - The Privy Council Office, which serves Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet, gets a failing grade for persistently dragging its feet on public requests for access to government information, Canada's new information czar says in a surprisingly tough report.

"Too often, responses to access requests are late, incomplete, or overly censored," Information Commissioner Robert Marleau said in an introduction to his first annual report. "Too often, access is denied to hide wrongdoing, or to protect officials or governments from embarrassment, rather than to serve a legitimate confidentiality requirement."

And, oh yeah:

Tories kill information registry
May 02, 2008 04:18 PM
Dean Beeby

OTTAWA–The federal Conservatives have quietly killed a giant information registry that was used by lawyers, academics, journalists and ordinary citizens to hold government accountable.

As I said earlier, Orville, if you actually, like, know stuff, you tend to not look quite so imbecilic. It's just an observation.


Unknown said...

Heck, it's also worth noting that the fact that access to information legislation merely *exists* leads to no inference whatsoever about whether the documents were secret or classified. Access to Information legislation is subject to exceptions for classified and secret documents.

Lindsay Stewart said...

not to mention that nato briefing documents could easily contain the sorts of data that would be very dangerous in the wrong hands. only the terminally retarded would poo-poo the rislk of leaving that sort of thing lying about.

CanadaHolly said...

when I hear a story like the famous wandering briefing documents, what I'm curious about is if Harper was A little clumsy in covering up this little contretemps, what other blunders have occurred that he was able to cover up effectively?

The scoreboard of mainstream media notes the shots that get through past the goalie, I wonder how many Steve the goalie stopped before they got to the net? and how many pucks are still in the air?

E in MD said...

Thing is they don't care about looking like idiots. They only care about pushing their propaganda.

For example that Liberals are manufacturing indignation and fear mongering when anyone who's been paying attention for the last 20 years and has an IQ of more than six knows that these things are the province of conservatives.

Francis Walsingham said...

CC = Canadian Coward