Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I got your “Accountability” right here, Big Daddy.

‘Cause it totally looks like you've misplaced it. Not that this girl ever bought what you were selling in the first place ... but I digress. Via the Canadian Press:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to insist there are no security concerns about Maxime Bernier's recent relationship with a woman with past ties to criminal bikers - despite firing his foreign minister over a related security lapse.

But all three opposition parties are demanding an inquiry into the matter, which saw Bernier leave classified documents in April at the home of Julie Couillard, his then-girlfriend.

They want to know why no one noticed the documents were missing for five weeks, whether Bernier was as careless with other secret papers, and whether Couillard had access to any of them.

Harper suggested Tuesday that Bernier's resignation late Monday put an end to the matter. Harper said Bernier broke rules by leaving the documents unsecured, but he added that the papers have now been returned to the government and there are no security concerns.

Except — oooopsie — that’s not quite what Subsection (4) of Section 4 under Miscellaneous Offences of the Security of Information Act states about this very same matter (emphasis gleefully added).

(4) Every person is guilty of an offence under this Act who
(a) retains for any purpose prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State any official document, whether or not completed or issued for use, when he has no right to retain it, or when it is contrary to his duty to retain it, or fails to comply with any directions issued by any Government department or any person authorized by any Government department with regard to the return or disposal thereof; or

(b) allows any other person to have possession of any official document issued for his use alone, or communicates any secret official code word or password so issued, or, without lawful authority or excuse, has in his possession any official document or secret official code word or password issued for the use of a person other than himself, or on obtaining possession of any official document by finding or otherwise, neglects or fails to restore it to the person or authority by whom or for whose use it was issued, or to a police constable.

Let's see ... NATO briefing package, which would be classified as NATO Secret at the very least (if not COSMIC, depending on the contents) left behind for 5 weeks before anyone realized it was missing? That's kind of a huge oooopsie but who's counting, right?

Someone who believed and, more importantly, campaigned on a platform of "Transparency and Accountability" would probably call for an investigation. After all, you and your merry band of in-and-out, security-breaching fuckwits are alllllll about the law and order. Pardon me while I don't hold my breath.

And furthermore. The harder you try to spin Mad Max’s security breaching booty call into a gossipy bedroom farce on the part of the Loyal Opposition, the more you look like a smug, snotty, arrogant hypocrite with an unfortunate habit of talking out of both sides of your mouth. I, for one, think it looks fabulous on you. Keep up the good work!


mikmik said...

Give him enough rope and eventually he'll hang himself. This is damaging to our country's integrity and competence, and PMS should have to resign for the shit he is trying to pull. I almost barfed at some of the insulting and arrogant answers the PCes gave in question period, and then the audacity (I can't remember the members name!) of this dipshit to say that he provided answers and Dion just didn't want to listen to them.

Frank Frink said...

Shorter Big Daddy: "Some guys leave a toothbrush, body wash and a Gillette Mach III at the girlfriends for the morning after those impromptu sleepovers, and some guys leave classified documents. What's the big deal!!!"

Len said...

Can we start comparing this to the Profumo affair yet?

Frank Frink said...


The Galloping National Symbol seems to think it's heading that way. No Russkies maybe, but it doesn't have to be Russkies.