Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Blogging Tories: Ten pounds of cognitive dissonance in a five-pound bag.

So, let's try to grok this. Canada's Blogging Tories are all about supporting the troops. Just ask them. Honestly, they never shut the hell up about it.

Next, a number of them are big fans of Sen. John McCain.

But rounding out the weirdness, we have:

Mr. Bush — and, to his great discredit, Senator John McCain — have argued against a better G.I. Bill, for the worst reasons. They would prefer that college benefits for service members remain just mediocre enough that people in uniform are more likely to stay put.

Sadly, recognizing such logical conundrums requires being able to process more than two thoughts at a time. You can immediately see the problem here.


Ti-Guy said...

The US is involvent (something like 50 trillion in public and personal debt). Everyone knows it. Now it's just a matter of making sure you wring out the last bit of work and money from the masses and then it's adios muchachos.

E in MD said...

There is another option for GI's if Uncle Sam doesn't want to take care of them. They can jump ship and go work for Blackwater. Which they happen to be doing since Uncle Sam isn't taking care of them. Funny that.

liberal supporter said...

They can jump ship and go work for Blackwater.
Here I was, thinking that when they disbanded the Iraqi army, many of whom joined the insurgents, it was just a bad decision. Now I see it was standard policy. So the GIs are supposed to join Al-Blackwater?

Ti-Guy said...

And who ends up paying for the very expensive Blackwater?

This is just an egregious re-distribution of wealth upwards.

I hope we see rioting on Capitol Hill soon.