Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nope, didn't think that one through.

Shorter Papa Junker: "Established organizations whose members are caught raping children should be aboli ... um, hang on, let me rephrase that."


Anonymous said...

Must be a mistake here, as you link to an article and then quote "Established organizations whose members are caught raping children should be aboli ... um, hang on, let me rephrase that." which leads me to believe there is some sort of allegation you are trying to make?

I read the post you link... Your problem with it is what exactly? We have someone commenting on how abuse of children by UN Peacekeepers and aid workers working for the UN has been systemic in some mission areas. Further, this is not the first report, but the follow one report from the initial reports.

No progress has been made towards the protection of minors. None. The allegd abusers are well known to us in Peacekeeping circles. I could go on about certain countries in Bosnia involved in prostitution and selling their diesel on the blackmarket, while legitimate Peacekeepers are busy trying to actually stop the ethnic cleansing.

He makes legitimate points based soundly in good research, and this is the response to serious point.

Why? Because he is on the right side of this issue? Suddenly, on this, the left is on the wrong side now, without some sort of clarification.

Frank Frink said...

Think harder Alpha Male. Think really hard and it just might come to you.

Really, it isn't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am thinking... Maybe my poor dumb infantry brain can not work it out.

Me, I see a fact based argument countered with this drôle nonsense.

There is little good about the UN. Fewer still about those that "serve" the UN in the field. The UN is disfunctional at best.

KEvron said...

"has been systemic in some mission areas"

ooh! yer so damn close, awphul smale.


Anonymous said...

Ok, let m spell it out for ya... Let us say, you guys are artists, and I am a scientist. Do you think our brains work alike?

Nope. It's called "left brain, right brain".

Now, I typically identify with conservatives more... Simply because some of what they say rings true to me in areas like Foriegn Affairs. Where as other areas, I think the conservative gene pool is kinda shallow.

Now, I hope that I have idenitified that we are not thinking alike, and thus coming up with completely different answers. Perhaps You could help me out a little here, because I am still coming up with the same answer, the OP doesn't know jack about what he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

CC is referring to the Catholic Church, Alpha Male...

Anonymous said...

Thank you diane... And yes, my right thinking brain was going in the wrong direction.

I apologize to cc for thinking the worst, but please do take this as an illustration of the different thought process.

Oh, and kids, I do sometimes need pretty pictures... Preferablly drawn with nice big thick crayolas.

Frank Frink said...

And in the issue of abuse within the Residential School system you could also add the Anglican Church.

hell, I would just go for all organized religions. Period.

btw - AM. I'm one of those weird people neither dominantly left-brained or right-brained. But that's another story for a different day...

Frank Frink said...

my right thinking brain was going in the wrong direction.

I knew there was something bothering me here..

Alpha Male, are you sure you understand hemispheric domination in the brain?

If you are 'science oriented' as you stated you would actually be left-brained. We touchy-feely 'artists', as so boldly assume, would be the 'right brains'.


Unknown said...

Yet those same people who condemn the UN for the actions of a few will find any reason to excuse atrocities committed against children by the occupying military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, under the guise of "supporting of the troops". Some kids are more important than others, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I used that "artist/scientist" thing to illustrate the point that we are not thinking alike. Frankly, I am not a scienc type, I would rather stare at a Rembrandt the at the stars.

Ken, careful with your train of thought, I have been to Afghanistan, and will go back again. Further, I have a fair bit of expereince dealing with one of the messes that the UN peacekeeping have created (Bosnia). The UN is highly disfunctional PERIOD.