Saturday, May 31, 2008

If you’re looking for sympathy – part infinity + 1.

Shorter Joanne, Patron Saint of Kompassionate Konservativism: And here I thought we’d heard the last of that unspeakably ungrateful whiner Brenda Martin. If I give her money, will she finally shut up and go away?

And now I'm off. My baby boy (yeah ... who's got about 10 inches on me) is in Day 2 of his 3-day Black Belt exam and he needs his momma there to cheer him on. If only I had a baby-T that said "My boy kicks ass" ... then I'd be set. We'll play more later.


Ti-Guy said...

What the hell is wrong with Joanne? Is she being instructed to turn Brenda Martin into some sort of a Cindy Sheehan or is she just a...welll...a cunt?

I notice this at the bottom of the post:

"A few technical adjustments going on here behind the scenes today, so Comment Moderation is on. I hope to be able to check comments later on. Thanks for your patience."

Hmm...funny how that happens so often with the BlueGals like JoJo and Crocky.

Dana Hunter said...

Good luck to your son!