Monday, May 26, 2008


The First Annual Mr Potatahead West Memorial Erotica Challenge.

You may recall that there was a contest announcement in celebration of Ol' Mr Potatahead's dirty little book. So here we go, with a revised timeline. Submissions will be due by Saturday midnight. This allows me time to skim through them, select a weekly winner and post the results each Wednesday. As stated, the submissions should be short, no more than 2,000 words. The only other rules, nothing illegal and nothing non-consensual, all submissions must be your own original work. You are welcome to post under a pseudonym. By submitting you grant us permission to reprint your story on the site and/or in a collection at the end of the contest schedule. You will retain all rights to your own original work. Any funds generated through the sales of the collected contest winners will be donated to a sex positive charity.

Please send all submissions and suggestions for choice of charity to: and include Contest Submission in the subject line.

That's it. I will be looking into prizes and other goodies over the coming weeks and we'll have some treats, surprises and special challenges along the way.

Also please attach submissions as RTF, PDF or DOC files (if you select PDF, make it copyable, thanks).

So, have fun, play safe and don't strain your thumbs.

Week One Title: A Hot Romance

Deadline: Midnight, Saturday, May 31

Best of the bunch will be announced on Wednesday, June 4.


Sheena said...

Remind me again. Are these supposed to be good, or parodies of Le Roi de Patates?

Do they have to be based on real life? And if so, can I expense any precautionary devices as research credits?

Lindsay Stewart said...

the only restrictions on content are those noted, you can go for so bad it's good, so good it's nasty or butt naked high jinx and hilarity. you start with the title and your own dirty, dirty mind. from there it is up to you.

and no i won't be reimbursing anyone for, um, devices and, er, lotions and what have you. have fun, enjoy. that is all.

liberal supporter said...

Does it have to be written? What if someone submitted the tapes from Julie Couillard's mattress bedspring bug?