Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Stephane: It's time for you to go.

Apparently, the new meme these days is, "All the Liberals are finally rallying around Stephane Dion and now, just you wait, he is so going to kick ass, you'll see, yessirree, no doubt about it."

As one example (emphasis added):

On Underestimating Stephane Dion

Dion hasn't had it easy since taking the reigns of the Liberal Party. He's been portrayed as weak, indecisive, lacking personality, not truly having the support of the party and more. Even I have written criticisms of Dion. Some of these characterizations are not without merit and his personal polling numbers bare these perceptions. However, I don't think Dion has yet been completely written off and can - will - make a huge turnaround.

Stop it. Just fucking stop it, OK?

It should be obvious by now that Stephane Dion has been an utter failure as Liberal leader. And I'm tired -- really, truly tired -- of being told how he's finally learning how to run that party, or how he's finally getting comfortable with himself, or how he's finally whatever the fuck it is he's finally figured out how to do.

Being the leader of the official opposition is not the time or the place for an on-the-job training program. From the get-go, we Canadians who are not batshit crazy retards, fetus fetishists, Bible thumpers and pants-pissing cowards needed someone with the political smarts, moxie and spine to stand up to the deranged, Canada-hating neo-con currently infesting 24 Sussex Drive. And we didn't get that. But we keep being told, "Patience, Stephane's getting the hang of this, he's almost there, and boy, when he gets his shit together, it's gonna be totally awesome, dude, you'll see. It's gonna, like, totally rock, and everything."

Fuck that.

It's been almost a year and a half, and there's only so much "Hang in there, it's happening" someone can take. I want someone who can protect me from the imbecilic fuckwits in the Conservative Party of Canada, and Stephane Dion is not up to the job. Period. Never has been. Never will be.

So all you fawning, sycophantic Liberals can sheath those Dion-inspired erections of yours, and start figuring out who should be running your party. Because the person doing it at the moment just isn't. And it's time for all you Dion groupies to grow the hell up and do the right thing. For once.


thwap said...

I love how all the Liberal bloggers had his picture up on their side bars.

Like he's so dreamy, they've also got 'em above their beds at home.

sassy said...

Like he's so dreamy, they've also got 'em above their beds at home.

Say what?

M@ said...

Absolutely agree, CC. I like Dion, I think he's a pretty good guy, I wanted him to win the party leadership, and I hoped he would be a force for reuniting the Liberal party and effectively opposing the government.

Oh well. We'll see who I park my vote with in the next election -- which, I'm assuming, isn't coming any time soon.

sharonapple88 said...

Like he's so dreamy, they've also got 'em above their beds at home.

I'd prefer to think of those picture as visual reminders of who the party's leader is suppose to be (it's easy to forget otherwise with Dion).

(Those pictures, though, are badges to the party's website given out by the party. The NDP have similar ones but the Conservatives don't... guess they don't want to scare people. Most of Liberal blogs don't appear to have him--for example, the blog CC links in this post, Red Tory, Calgary Grit, etc....)

Ti-Guy said...

So all you fawning, sycophantic Liberals can sheath those Dion-inspired erections of yours,

Can't. Circumcised.

Steve V said...


What about, you're right, but we're stuck with the guy, so you try and work with what you have. I know the weaknesses, and I've already done the he "needs to go" post a few months ago. That isn't going to happen, so you do one of two things- throw up your arms, or try to make the best out of it. I've also done the "abstaining is bullshit" post, it was embarrassing, but I don't call the shots, what can you do, except express your disapproval.

My focus at the moment, and this could change, looking to Dion's strengths. Nobody really doubts his honesty, a fairly sincere fellow. I can get behind that, most certainly if we finally see some policy. If people are rallying, it's because the circumstance demands it, rather than french kissing his photo, like some groupie.