Thursday, May 22, 2008

Support the $#**&$^%#@# troops.



Red Tory said...

Don’t forget Republican Sen. John Cornyn whose spokesbot said this about (who had run an ad encouraging people to pressure Cornyn into supporting the GI Bill):

“The anti-war crowd is determined to use our men and women in uniform for their political advantage, even if our national security is jeopardized in the process.”

Hejhog said...

You said it.

He is a puppet on a string now.

Bankrupt the taxpayers to open up a new market for Haliburton et al., but throw a couple scraps to the poor sucker choking on the dust in the desert? No way.
You want an extra $800 for books for that shitty college program you can barely afford, you greedy grunt? Give me 48 more months and we'll talk. Maybe I'll stop-loss you and give you jack all though.

Hejhog said...

Seriously though. It is like Hello? Dems? Are you there?
Letting the GOP argue that ANYTHING for the troops is too expensive in this war is just plain silly.

Too expensive? A few grand per troop? Really? A war that costs how much per hour? And a few extra grand for each troop is too much? Please spell it out for me because I'm having some difficulty understanding.

And next, too many soldiers will leave too soon? Your poor people join to get a shot at college you elitist bastards. They gamble their lives because they have no other shot ffs. Contrast the opportunities McCain got when he came back a hero POW POW POW POW (did I say POW enough times?) to those the poor suckers get if the army ever lets them go.
Make the 18 year old serve until he's 30 to get decent education benefits. You'll really boost your enlistment rates.

Hejhog said...


The good bill passed veto proof.

Red Tory said...

The wingnuts are still bitching about it over at SDA. Their claim is that the Dems only proposed it to make the Republicans look bad during an election year. Pretty nefarious, huh?