Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well ... that’s not very Christian.

I found us a new Christianist whacko, boys and girls, and I think he’s a keeper. Everybody say hello to John Pacheco who seems to be a little confused about his "Religion of Peace" (just try not to make eye contact):

The Lunatic Left & Violence

Just how long does the Left think it can resort to violence before it gets a taste of its own medicine?

Keep it up, guys, and the ending will be very messy indeed for you.

That sounds vaguely like a threat to me. Tsk, tsk. Looks like somebody missed his Sunday School lesson about turning the other cheek.


Dr.Dawg said...

Surely you've run across this character before. I tried to engage him (politely) on the (alleged) wi-fi theft issue: he deleted my comments, but kept his rebuttals. Not only deranged, but dishonest as well.

LuLu said...

Now that you mention it, I do remember your one-sided argument with him, Doc. One-sided in that you argued honestly and in good faith and he was a complete ass.

This is is the first time I've actually read his seething, misogynistic screed aka blog. Has he got some serious issues with women or what?

Gordo said...

Well, isn't this neato-mosquito: I just searched Google News to find more neutral coverage of the incident and only find two mentions of it: the one that Pacheco links to and phobic foaming at the mouth piece claiming "Militant homosexuals are shutting down free speech". I wonder if said incident actually happened if nobody else has seen fit to report it. Oh, wait! I keep forgetting the liberal media bias. Never mind ...

Frank Frink said...

Has he got some serious issues with women or what?

Well.. yeah, and it goes a bit deeper than that. Just yakking abut that elsewhere.

He's one of those 'all manner of sexual activity is Teh E-V-I-L and immoral unless it's for procreation' types. Repent! Sinner repent! Fire and brimstone will hail down upon ye harlots and for-knee-kay-tors.

You may as well have a discussion or argument with a casserole dish. It would be more intellectually stimulating and just about as useful.

Anonymous said...

Yikes... Those types scare even me. He might have a point, but sometmes the messege gets lost because of the messenger.

Religious fanatics are a disease regardless of the religion they work for.

Beijing York said...

I feel so bad that these lunatics are raising daughters. I sure hope they rebel and ESCAPE.

KEvron said...

"Religious fanatics are a disease"

no, they're victims of a disorder.


Anonymous said...

Either way, they could be treated... Me, I suggest sever weeks of heavy drinking in Bangkok. Followed by a rest period in Amsterdam. Then back here to Canada, to hang out on St Catherine St in Montreal.