Thursday, May 29, 2008

And Now, On The World Stage...

Maxime Bernier's Foreign Affairs legacy of ineptitude lives on as Canada plays the fool on the world stage. That's because we're back, baby. And don't let nobody tell you different, Big Daddy Steve, he got back. That's right, he's a player. Or a completely embarrassing rube, so hard to tell with these puffy poltroons and poseurs. Canada (which is back) has the great good fortune to witness our Prime Minister in action (he's a player on the world stage, you know) overseas.

"The prime minister's press secretary, Carolyn Stewart Olsen, came back and told us that after having dinner with Stephen Harper last night Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had just issued a statement saying Italy would remove the caveat that restricts what their soldiers can do in Afghanistan," said Smith.

"That was big news because the Italian soldiers... are restricted to mainly non-combat operations and Canada's been pressing for sometime to get countries like Italy to remove these caveats so they can help out more."

Golly gee whiz, that's swell news Stevie. That means that our forces might get a bit of a reprieve from the pressures of carrying front line duty. Why that's just a ringing success for your New Government... er, not so much.

After hearing the developments, journalists, including Smith, reported the breaking news.

But then, after the plane departed, Stewart alerted reporters that she had got it wrong.

She said there was a wire story saying that Berlusconi was reconsidering the caveats but he hadn't made any decisions.

Oh. Oh dear. That's a piece of piss then, isn't it? I suppose P.M. Chunks, the boyish wonder will be making his apologies to Mr Berlusconi. After all, making up another nation's foreign policy to suit one's own fancy is a tad presumptuous even for these faith-based twits.

"The prime minister's staff was so anxious to have the story corrected that they allowed us to go up to the front of the plane and use the prime minister's secured satellite phone to call our news desks," said Smith.

I'm sure Stevie personally collected the quarters from the news staffers after they made their calls. That's what responsibility and transparency is all about, law&orderADSCAMADSCAM...

"It seems the prime minister's staff was just in some unseemly haste to claim some sort of diplomatic triumph that they rushed out this news without checking the facts and it's a big embarrassment."

Fact checking, pshaw! In this brave new world order, mighty cons like Steve create reality... or wallow in septic effluence, one or the other. Sure hope the big fella doesn't hurt his nose pickin' finger while he's overseas. Atta boy Steve! You're doing a heckuva job.


Red Tory said...

O/T, but If you want a real laugh an a half, check out Joanne's latest True Blue Stupidity courtesy of commenter "Orville"...

Frank Frink said...

Fearless Freep! That's my boy!

I paid my four bits to see the high diving act and I'm a gonna see the high diving act.

Bon voy-a-gee!

mikmik said...

I wonder when the opposition will topple the PCs myself, before Fuckhead Harper makes Canada look ever more like buffoons - the buffoon Harper is.
Stop the damage and fuck your little popularity polls for making election decision, Dion et al.