Saturday, May 24, 2008

Only the names have been changed to protect the terminally witless.

From this morning's mailbag here at CC HQ (I am not making this up):

Hi: I am trying to get in touch with Kathy Shaidle and don't know if this is the proper channel. I would like to talk to her re the Human Rights' Commission abuses and whether she would like to speak to our women's conservative lobby group. Could you please have her e-mail me.

Thank you.



I would be happy to pass on this request to Ms. Shaidle, but it's a bit disturbing that you seem incapable of figuring out on your own how to connect with her. I'm guessing that sort of combination would make for a singularly unproductive speech -- a horrible shrew addressing a bunch of right-wing dimbulbs.

Or maybe you're perfect for each other. There's that possibility, too.


Chimera said...

My response woulda been along the following lines...


I would be happy to pass along your request if it weren't for one thing -- nobody here wants to touch Kathy Shaidle without a fully accessorized hazmat suit, an item in notoriously short supply. If you can see your way towards shipping us about ten dozen suits, we'll see what we can do about your communications problem.

Prole said...

Oh, you can just give them my email address. I'll take care of it. ;)

Dana Hunter said...

That was the funniest fucking thing I've read all day, and it's been a fruitful day for the funny. OMFG, what morons!