Saturday, May 31, 2008

No, Bob, you're giving him too much credit.

Bob Rae being unnecessarily generous:

OTTAWA - The Conservative government is leaving an investigation into the security failings of Maxime Bernier in the hands of potentially culpable officials at Foreign Affairs, Liberals charged Friday.

Questions about Bernier's abrupt resignation continued for a fourth straight day in the Commons, with the Tories maintaining that the only review of Bernier's misplaced NATO documents will be led by his former bureaucrats.

"In conducting their review, the Department of Foreign Affairs can of course draw on the other resources of government that they need, whatever agencies necessary, to assist them," Conservative House leader Peter Van Loan said for the third day in a row.

Bob Rae, the Liberal foreign affairs critic, said such a review flies in the face of a "basic principal of natural law."

"Surely the minister understands a very simple distinction between an administrative review carried out by officials who may in fact be implicated in some of these questions, and an independent inquiry," Rae told the Commons.

Um ... Bob? We're talking about a Conservative member of Parliament here; therefore, it's not at all a sure thing that he understands anything. Don't make me have to explain this twice, OK?

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Red Tory said...

Stockwell Day seems to have the same problem grasping this concept.