Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Your daily "Crock o' the Matter" accomplishments.

And like a regular outbreak of cold sores, we have (in Ti-Guy's words) "doddering old bint" Sandy Crux continuing to foist her utterly misleading list of CPoC "accomplishments" on her gullible, unsuspecting (and imbecilic) Conservative colleagues.

Here's some advice, Sandy:

  • It's dishonest to claim the Federal Accountability Act as an "accomplishment" when two of its signature clauses have never been passed.

  • You still haven't provided a single link of corroboration for "construction of 8 patrol ships."

  • It's "Randle Reef," not "Randle Reed," you airhead.

I could go on, but that can wait until later.


LuLu said...

Opposition don’t want to hear Tory accomplishments

Isn't Sandy all about the grammar and edumacation? 'Cause that sentence sucks grammatically. While the Opposition is made up of many members, the term itself is singular i.e. one entity, so it's incorrect for her to use a verb in the plural.

Sandy Crock, boys and girls, stupid on all counts.

Ti-Guy said...

(in Ti-Guy's words) "doddering old bint."

Except at some point (I guess, at the onset of dotage) I started spelling it "dottering."


¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

I'm not visiting there any more.

She doesn't really have a "comments" section - it's more properly termed "testimonials".

Ti-Guy said...

Testimonials? Is that what we're calling MaryT's various burps, farts, queefs and armpit noises?