Thursday, May 29, 2008

Canada! Cluster bombs! We're back and we rock! Whoo hoo!

Let the mindless adulation begin:

Canada backs ban on cluster bombs

I am glad to see Canada signed on to this treaty and that wording was modified so that it does not disrupt NATO peacekeeping missions in places such as Afghanistan. There is no justification for these types of weapons.

And then, sadly, there is that ugly thing called "reality":

Canada Undermines Efforts to Ban Cluster Munitions, May 22, 2008


Special to Globe and Mail Update

May 22, 2008 at 11:13 PM EDT

Dublin, Ireland - At the current 12-day conference to negotiate an international treaty banning cluster munitions, diplomats and observers alike are wondering what has happened to Canada’s independence.

The same country that launched the “Ottawa process” resulting in the historic 1997 Mine Ban Treaty now appears to be doing dirty work for the United States to weaken the cluster munitions treaty...

It is not surprising that Washington continues to throw its considerable weight around. What is surprising, however, is that some countries are willing to carry water for the United States, despite its vow never to sign the treaty. Even more surprising is that one of those countries is Canada.

Surprising? No, not really. It's pretty much par for the course: George says "bend over" and Stephen asks "Lube or no lube?"

Any guesses on how soon this utterly bogus achievement will become a Sandy Crux "accomplishment?" I should start a pool.

IT MAKES YOU WONDER just why the Stephen Party of Canada is so keen on defending the use of cluster bombs. Oh ... right.

I'm guessing that makes me anti-Semitic.

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