Thursday, May 22, 2008

I guess that's what you call "proof."

ZOMG!!! It's not only deluded, advanced senility victim Sandy Crux that calls Stephen Harper's unrealized propaganda announcements "accomplishments." Apparently, Stephen Harper does, too. So there you have it -- you can all shut up now.

. I know I've linked to it just recently, but this pathetic screed by Sandy in which she tortures the English language beyond all reasonable bounds has a bit of unintentional hilarity.

In trying to claim as "accomplishments" things that haven't actually, like, happened, Sandy has the nerve to link to for a particularly forgiving definition of that word, to wit: "an act or instance of carrying into effect."

And yet ... and yet ... if we go to the very same link Sandy provides and read the definition for ourselves, and take the trouble to read the very next word in the supplied definition, what we see is (emphasis added), "an act or instance of carrying into effect; fulfillment".

Wow. That was some convenient spot where Sandy stopped quoting, wasn't it? One might claim that she was hideously dishonest, if one hadn't already written her off as depressingly retarded.

And no, we're not done here. Sandy-bashing: it's what's for dinner.


Red Tory said...

You almost wouldn’t know from that orgasmic account that the “silent majority” Sandy Crock fantasizes has somehow managed to elude the nefarious pollsters was actually just a couple of hundred party faithful crammed into the Quality Parkway Inn.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Update - I'm not sure when Sandy changed this, but it was certainly a long time coming. She no longer describes her blog as non-partisan:

About Blog

Crux-of-the-Matter is a conservative leaning blog and Sandy is the owner. Although commentary is usually about education and Canadian politics, other topics may also be discussed. Sandy also blogs at Jack’s Newswatch and With Good Reason. and Google Ads have been added to the site to cover blog related expenses such as security and computer software and high speed Internet access. Amazon ads are in their own header page titled “Bookstore.”

Of course, to call her blog "conservative-leaning" is a rather hilarious understatement, but whatever.

Ti-Guy said...

To characterise what she addresses as "education" is the real problem I have with her. No way in hell a disingenuous hack and a wriggling fraud can ever be thought to understand real education. Indoctrination is what we're talking about, and it's the scourge of "conservatives" when it comes to learning.

We need look no further these days than the sad demographic of horrific ignoramuses who call themselves "conservative."

Red Tory said...

Well, if Google Ads covers her expenses, that means she's paying... Oooo, let's see... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for security, software, etc. What a pretentious little tit.