Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Bell: You suck.

Go. Read.


Unknown said...

We recently changed service providers this spring to get away from Bell's crappy service, only to have them tie a tourniquet around the pipe. Presumably to make the competition look much less appetizing. Adding this is insult on injury, and I'm hoping they get their asses kicked in no uncertain terms.

burpster said...

I don't know if anyone recalls when broadbad was first being rolled out? The ISP's sales pitch was ( download huge files fast). While they didn't come out and say it, they meant pirated files, since that was about the only large files back then.

Now when I exceed my monthly 100 gig limit the emails and phone calls start. The months where I use almost no bandwidth they never phone or email offering me a rebate, funny?

KEvron said...

what is it about companies named bell and anti-trust practices?


Dana Hunter said...

Well, you know, it's just that corporations are greedy pieces of shit who'd rather roll around naked in their money than use it to do anything unthinkable like improve the network.