Saturday, May 24, 2008

Retardopedia redux.

As PZ Myers says: "Clueless git."

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Unknown said...

I'm with RationalWiki, and we've been following these looks for a while now.

Guy in the video is Andy Schlafly (search for "andysch" on Google Groups), a failed lawyer who got kicked out of AT&T after he cost them a pile of money, and went into, "homeschooling". He went to Harvard about the same time as Obama, and clearly has a HUGE axe to grind against him, just check out their article on him. Even more, check the talk page for it, it's utterly racialicious!

Most of the contributors there are parodies, doing a Colbert schtick, and the rest are mostly a half-dozen hardcore loons. Poe's Law stands, of course.

Oh, and we've got a point-by-point refutation on the go of their "Article of the Year" (almost entirely written by the infamous Ken DeMyer under his pseudonym "Conservative"), and we'd welcome submissions. *hint* *hint*