Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So, yeah, that's a reasonable reaction.

An exciting new development:

Oil prices close in on record 130 dollars

Oil prices headed towards a record high of 130 dollars a barrel on Wednesday on anxiety about stretched supplies in the face of strong demand for energy, analysts said.

Refresh my memory ... how are Canada's wankers dealing with all of this? Oh ... right. As responsibly as ever.

In an act of uncharacteristic charity, I'm going to assume that there are some people who live in Delisle who aren't retarded. I have no proof, but I'm willing to take it on faith.


toujoursdan said...

Speaking of which, on CNBC last night an analyst said:


HOST: Dr. Hirsch, what do you say to that--the idea that we should be drilling in places like ANWR and drilling offshore. Would that solve this problem of a plateau in oil production?

HIRSCH: There's no single thing that's going to solve this problem because it's as massive as one can possibly imagine. And the prices that we're paying at the pump today I think are going to be the good old days because others who watch this very closely forecast that we are going to be hitting $12 and $15 per gallon. And then, after that, when world oil production goes into decline, we're going to talk about rationing. In other words, not only are we going to be paying high prices and have considerable economic problems, in addition to that, we're not going to be able to get the fuel when we want it.

Here it is on You Tube:

Ti-Guy said...

I don't click on KKKatelinks anymore (which is what she wants), so I'm not sure what exactly she's said.

...I'm sure it doesn't matter, but I think the screenshots are better to highlight what she says without sending traffic her way.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Ti-Guy, it was the post showing her Yamaha (RD350 I believe) spewing smoke that she posted in recognition of "Earth Hour". She wants you to know, too, that she installs her own damned spark plugs. How hawt is that?

E in MD said...

I listen to CSPAN a lot and when I hear ANWR I want to take a #2 pencil and stab somebody in the eye. Especially since every time one of these mouth breathing troglodytes opens their pie holes, they somehow come up with "environmentalists" as the people to blame for all this.

If anyone with half a brain would bother to do some research (Oh look someone did!)they'd find that ANWR isn't going to do anything.

Put aside all environmental concerns for a second. They're important yes, but wingnuts don't care about the environment so trying to use that as an argument is about as useful as showing a Jack Russel Terrier a card trick.

Our problem here in the US is that we use too much damned fuel in the first place. We're 300 million people and we use one quarter of the global oil supply. We're sucking down 20 MILLION barrels of oil a day the largest portion of which we import, from you guys in Canada. Now we're whining because just like everybody else we're used to really cheap oil. Why?

During the 1980's there were over 300 refineries in America. Over the 80's and 90's when oil was cheap and gasoline was cheaper, the oil companies that owned said refineries close them because they weren't making enough of a profit on refining oil. In other words: They made a conscious effort to restrict supply in order to increase price.

That's right wingnuts... your best buds in the oil companies are doing this to you because you mean one thing to them: yet another gold plated diamond studded tropical island for their college aged Paris Hilton wanna be daughter to get drunk and pass out on while being ass fucked by the football team.

Currently, and both these stats are according to the US Energy Information Agency and are easily accessible by even the most retarded wingnut - there are 145 refineries. The large majority of them are operating at 90+% capacity for a total refining ability of 17 million barrels a day. Meaning of course that we can't even refine enough oil to meet our current demand for it. This is the maximum capacity, so even if all of them were operating at 100%, 24 hours a day 7 days a week you aren't getting any more gasoline out of them.

Now then.... ANWR is estimated by the US Geological survey with a 95% certainty to hold 4.5 billion barrels of oil. If we pump 1,000,000 barrels a day out of ANWR, which is 1/20th of what we use in a single day and 300,000 more barrels a day than we get from Iraq ANWR will be completely depleted in 12 years.

Unfortunately, we do not have the refining capacity to handle this extra million barrels a day, so that we will need to pay to SHIP the oil to a foreign country to have it refined, then SHIP it back in order for it to be used. Expending both more money and more fuel in the process...This is of course assuming that the Republican cockblockers in the Congress go with the Democrats in forcing that oil into US gas tanks instead of the oil companies selling it on the open market where they will make the most profit. Which they won't.

Even if we were to start building refineries today, they take between 5 and 7 years to bring online to the point where we get the first drop of gasoline out of them. They also cost between one and two BILLION dollars each to build...and who's pocket do you think those dollars will come from? Here's a hint it's not going to be Exxon mobile.

So to sum up, drilling in ANWR isn't even a bandaid. It will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to reduce the price of oil in the short term and in the long term it will actually help increase the cost of oil because either we'll need to pay for shipping and refining or for new refineries. It won't decrease our dependence on foreign fuels at all, it will in fact increase our dependency on foreign refineries because refineries take 5-7 years to build. Then, 5-7 years after we get the first refineries online and stop paying someone else to refine the oil in another six years we will be EXACTLY where we fucking are right now. Only now, gas will be $12 a gallon because short sighted, ill informed morons like yourselves didn't bother to stop and ask yourself 'why'.

The only thing, in fact, that will make the slightest bit of difference at all is driving less, driving smaller vehicles, plugin electric vehicles, solar panels and other alternatives to your current unsustainable oil addiction. All your bitching and moaning isn't going to change that reality.

None of these facts even take into account that oil refineries are major polluters and major contributors to the campaigns of your Republican representatives and if you're so in favor of continuing this downward spiral, then we can put the new oil refineries in your back yard and you can live with the health consequences so you can continue to drive your Titan or Hummer.

Oil is a finite commodity that is effected by war, politics and other forces that you will never control. Sunlight is not. Wake up wingnuts.

E in MD said...

Funny thing is that a lot of the same people who will say "Stop fucking eating so much!" when a person is fat, will utterly refuse to either drive less, take public transportation, carpool or get a more fuel efficient car because somehow it's someone taking away their rights.

I am so sick of my short sighted countrymen acting so far outside what is best for the nation, the world and the species just so they can have some imagined benefit in the short term. They do it because they're a bunch of selfish, ignorant, over privileged bastards most of which have never had to sacrifice anything in their pathetic lives.

Ti-Guy said...

She wants you to know, too, that she installs her own damned spark plugs. How hawt is that?

It'd be hawtter if were like, two unlettered, racist harridans changing the same spark plug...kind of like, y'know...takin' turns.


¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

...two unlettered, racist harridans changing the same spark plug...kind of like, y'know...takin' turns.

Sweet! Another porn writer!

Sheena said...

Two Girls One Plug?