Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pardon my giggles …

But as PSA has already deliciously pointed out, it appears Big Daddy’s iron-fisted, micromanaging, control freak message control system is springing a few leaks. Colour me oh-so-amused ...

The Foreign Affairs Department knew about Maxime Bernier's security breach a full day before Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he learned of the matter that prompted the beleaguered minister's resignation just hours later, CBC News has confirmed.

On Monday evening, Harper announced Bernier was stepping down because he committed a security error when he inadvertently left classified documents at the home of his ex-girlfriend, Julie Couillard, in April.

The Tories have said Harper became aware of the security breach only on Monday and acted immediately and decisively in accepting Bernier's resignation. But the government so far has offered no explanation why it took almost 24 hours for the prime minister to find out about the breach.

CBC news has confirmed that the missing government document was returned to Foreign Affairs on Sunday, and that Couillard had the document with her when she recorded her now infamous interview with the French-language TVA network on Sunday afternoon.

Oh my. Never say that there are things going on in Canada's New Government™ that Big Daddy doesn't have his chubby little mitts allllllllll over. That can't be good ... for him.


Red Tory said...

It was also reported in the Times (UK) that the letter of resignation was handed in on Sunday. So what was Harper doing sitting on it all day Monday letting his stooges like Van Loan spin like radioactive centrifuges in the meantime?

mikmik said...

What was all Harper's screeching that he demanded Bernier's resignation as soon as he(PMS) found out?
Well... what red tory said! But the wankernutwings were all puffed up and indignant that Harper acted responsibly.
Yeah, that Van Loan in QP was a sight to behold. I loved his santimonious rhetorts "I've provided the answers and the opposition doesn't listen.