Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is it irresponsible to speculate wildly?

If you have absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing or law-breaking, as long as you're Stephen Taylor, hell, no!


Red Tory said...

Threatening to have the charitable status of different organizations investigated seems to be Taylor's fave crusade of late.

Lindsay Stewart said...

hmm, seems my helpful comment suggesting that similar scrutiny be afforded one charles mcvety hasn't squeaked through moderation. perhaps it was suggesting that the catholic church be held to the same high standard that nixed it. though i am sure that l'il stephen is very, very busy sorting through big daddy's press releases, you know, writing posts.

Romantic Heretic said...

When you have the Manichean mindset of people like Mr. Taylor doublethink is easy. In fact it's their reflexive way of thinking.

We're the good guys, therefore everything we do is good.

They're the bad guys, therefore everything they do is evil.

One day God will make a mistake and we'll run all of creation.


Mattt Enss said...

It seems to me that Janke might be right in this case. If SHAMBA is a charity created to host events for other charities, is it allowed to host non-charity events?