Sunday, May 25, 2008

That’s just icky.

Shorter Mr. PotatoHead West: Progressives have had a creepy obsession with sex for decades. I, on the other hand, have a creepy obsession with talking about the Progressive obsession with sex.


JJ said...

"...while they have an organism or two."

"Organism"? Am I reading that right?

Balbulican said...

The missing part of the syllogism, please:

a) Nazis were naturalists;

b) (Missing connective thought);

c) Therefore progressives are bad.

Sheena said...

Clearly Monsieur Le Patate Frites has not BEEN to Calipornia, else he'd see the immediate diff between the SoCal buff culture and the NoCal alcoholic homo culture.

Methinks he needs a field trip to further refine his thoughts.

Frank Frink said...
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Frank Frink said...

"Organism"? Am I reading that right?

Organism or two! Woo Hoo. Multiple 'organisms'.

I bet Messy Potatohead also speaks from his 'diagram' and drinks 'decapitated' coffee. When he's sad he's 'prostate' with grief. Lives in a humble 'chapeau' and if he were married he probably would have 'consecrated' the union on the wedding night.

Ya' know, I think it was 'density' that brought us and Frank together.

Sheena said...

But maybe his wife is a biologist who studies microorganisms... did you ever think of that? Frank Frink? Eh? DIDJA!

Frank Frink said...

Nah, didn't think of that probably because Frank's not married. But if Frank were anything like like his alter-ego, Ron Westlake, why I just bet all the purty wimminfolk would be getting their microrganisms.

M@ said...

Has anyone alerted Jonah Goldberg about this yet?

Plenty of fodder there for the next edition of Liberal Fascism!

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Balbulican, I think I can help you with that logic - I believe it goes like this:

a) Nazis were naturalists;

b) Progressives are bad;

c) Therefore, progressives are bad.

We should give him credit for managing to get from b to c.

I hope he's blogging from a hospital.

That guy said...

He's honestly never heard of Nazi naturism before? I thought everybody knew about that. It was part of the whole blood and soil thing. And he thinks this is some kind of new insight?

Seriously, it's like a fourteen-year-old thinking he's the first person ever to discover, ah, organisms.

Frank Frink said...

Anyone else read his Saturday screed?

"Progressives were wrong on Prohibition, wrong on the League of Nations, wrong on Communism, wrong on Fascism, wrong on the United Nations, and wrong on decolonization.

But they'll never admit it."

ok, beyond the sheer racism of 'black (and brown) people shouldn't be governing their own countries...

Prohibition? Frank's in the Temperance Movement? Who knew?