Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stephen Harper, you lying sack of crap.

Once again, Prime Minister Weasel McLiar horks up another falsehood (all emphasis added):

Asked if a larger investigation should be launched, Mr. Harper fell back on previous statements that he won't intrude on individuals' private lives.

“As we've said, private lives are private lives, and the government of Canada does not intend to get into the business of investigating private citizens.”

Unless, of course ...

Julie Couillard is an attractive woman who first drew public interest when she wore a low-cut dress to Mr. Bernier’s swearing-in as foreign minister. Word is he got a bit of a talking-to from the PMO for that little indiscretion — the Harper Tories are conservative in dress sense as well as in policies.

So peoples' private lives are none of Stephen's business, unless it's to tell them that the chick they're bonking looks a little too slutty and could she please clean up her act?

Is it that the media doesn't understand that Harper lies to them 24/7, or are they simply past the point of caring? And do I even care what the answer to this question is anymore?


Gordo said...

Apparently, Steve-o has a different yardstick for judging security breaches than the rest of us:

“There is no evidence to indicate that documents have circulated,” the Prime Minister said.

So, having the envelope sitting on her coffee table for a month isn't considered a security breack by Canada's New Government(TM).

The Seer said...

Cabinet Ministers in Canada are "private persons?" Who must be protected from public curiosity? And the public has no interest in a minister's handling of classified material?

Sheena said...

the chick they're bonking looks a little too slutty and could she please clean up her act?

Oh.. if Sheena had a nickel...

Unknown said...

I an no Harper fan, but I have to say that Harper did the right thing in commenting on Mr.Bernier girlfriend's unappropiate attire. French Canadians have to reminded sometimes that certian displays of behaviour can ruin the credibility of the establishment they are representing.

Having a women with her cleavage hanging out escorting an MP everywhere he goes, would upset any population. Are taxpayer's paying for her services, her wardrobe--What exactly is her role in Ottawa because at one point, she was even attending debates in parliament!