Friday, May 23, 2008

The Peter Principle, taken to really creepy extremes.

Shorter Maxime Bernier: "I may be a complete retard, but I'm still smart enough to be a cabinet minister in this government."


Cameron Campbell said...

Sweet mother of god, how hard would doing this have been:

M: Salut Petey, do you have any of those Globemaster thingys sitting around doing nothing?

P: Umm. Max, nope.

M: Merde... ok, well I'll figure out something else to offer them.. mb a DART team..

P: Yeah, we can set that up.

M: Cool.

Instead the stupid tard runs his mouth off and makes an ass of himself, again and forces us to rent one of those planes flown by what sounds like a pack of flying cowboys.

The fact that they are neo-con douchebags would be a lot easier to swallow if they were at least competent neo-con douchebags.

Frank Frink said...

Redundant. Being a complete retard is a prerequiste for a cabinet post in this government. They're screened very carefully for that attribute.

Frank Frink said...

Mr. Bernier is also still being ridiculed for a photo-op in Afghanistan last year where he handed out Jos. Louis cakes to soldiers risking their lives for Canada.

So, let's see... French-Canadian minister handing out Jos. Louis cakes to our troops, who as I recall at the moment are largely comprised of my Granpa's old regiment, the mainly French-Canadian Royal 22e Régiment...

Did Super-Maxi also bring along a couple cases of Pepsi to wash those down with?

Not only is that silly, it's actually pas mal déclassé. Jeebus, it's like the 1950's-early 1960's all over again.