Monday, May 19, 2008

Dear Sandy: Let me start my own list ...

... of how hopelessly addled and/or dishonest you are. Let's pick on another of Sandy's alleged completed "accomplishments," shall we?

22. Introduced an Arctic agenda and construction of 8 patrol ships;

In the first place, the article at that link is yet another "" CPoC propaganda announcement and, further, it says nothing about any Arctic patrol ships. I know ... let's let Google do the work, whereupon we find:

Ottawa buying up to 8 Arctic patrol ships

The federal government will fund the construction of six to eight new Arctic patrol ships to help reassert Canada's sovereignty over the North, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Monday.

Excuse me? "up to 8?" I'm sorry, Sandy, but "up to 8" and "six to eight" does not equal exactly eight, does it? It's embarrassing that Sandy can't even handle simple English or single digits correctly, but wait ... it gets so much better:

Ottawa to acquire 6 Arctic patrol ships: Sources

OTTAWA – A key federal cabinet committee has given the go-ahead for a plan to construct six corvette-sized Arctic patrol vessels, The Canadian Press has learned.

The cabinet priorities and planning committee approved the program to build the 100-metre-long, 6,000-tonne warships within the last 10 days, according to defence and political sources.

Yeah ... so we're looking at six, not eight. But that's close enough for Sandy, right? Hold on ... what's this? Let's keep reading: (emphasis added)

The patrol vessels, which are almost as large as the navy's frigates, are a step down from the armed Arctic icebreakers that the Conservatives promised in the last election campaign and will likely not be in service before 2015.

Oh. So what we, the Canadian public, were promised, and what we're getting are two noticeably different things. And, of course, there's the absolutely best part:

"... will likely not be in service before 2015."

Which, naturally, doesn't stop Sandy from claiming eight utterly non-existent, scaled-down Arctic patrol ships as another completed accomplishment of King Stephen.

Really, when it comes to right-wing propagandist Sandy Crux, you could make an entire career out of showing how that woman lies.

P.S. Yes, I realize it sounds overly pedantic, but the fact that serial liar Sandy Crux was either too fucking stupid or too goddamned lazy to verify that the final number of proposed patrol ships was six, not eight, simply shows how utterly unqualified she is for the project she's taken on. Someone who can't even be bothered to take the 15 seconds it requires to verify something that obvious is simply too imbecilic for words. But, as luck would have it, she's a Conservative, so no one even notices the difference.

THANKS, PSA. My co-blogger PSA comes to the rescue, giving us a link to TGB'S Dave who, unlike right-wing propagandist Sandy Crux, is not a useless retard, and generally knows of what he speaks:

The Arctic patrol ships are jokingly referred to, in the naval bazaars, as Slush-Breakers. Most are viewing them as a useless item which is little more than a poorly thought-out political pipe-dream. Not to mention that in any conversation with anybody in the navy about how useless, but expensive, these ships will be, no one has yet come up with a plan on how to man them.

Read the whole thing, since you know that Sandy never will.


Lindsay Stewart said...

as i recall, dave over at the galloping beaver had a few rather pointed words about this debacle. something about the money being spent on slush breakers as these boats aren't exactly up to the worst of the northern conditions. then there was the question of actually putting crews on the ships. i'll go have a look after dinner.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Accomplishments Ahoy! As I thought Dave has punched some holes in this happy Harper horseshit.

Ti-Guy said...

"Serial liar Sandy Crux." Sounds good to me.

Red Tory said...

Didn't he also backtrack on the port facility that he promised in the north during the last election?

And by the way, are those "slush-breakers" in service yet? Because if not, then according to her own definition it's not an "accomplishment" any more than the Liberal military spending allocations in their last budget in 2005 were.