Friday, May 30, 2008

But that's different!

Shorter Canadian wingnuts: "It's disgusting how some people can discriminate against a particular demographic and strip them of their fundamental rights and civil liberties based simply on their social beliefs or behaviour. Now, about those filthy faggots and their same-sex marriage ..."


Dean P said...

I love that she's all for free speech, but after her contact details she says: "All emails are appreciated, unless they're of a hateful, distasteful or socialist manner."

Of course, by manner I think she means nature (put on teh gays not intended). But yes--free speech, as long as it's something I agree with!

Red Tory said...

It seems most of these nitwits who get so exercised about free speech don’t seem in the least bit concerned with actually practicing what they preach. And that goes for the radical flakes at York University too! A pox on all their houses. Fucking hypocrites.

Ti-Guy said...

Don't start, Red!

... ;)

Red Tory said...

Not to worry. I had my fill of this spat yesterday.