Saturday, May 24, 2008

And in some alternate universe, Denyse O'Leary is not a retard.

Canadian wingnut and IDiot Denyse O'Leary takes time off from starting new blogs to get everything wrong yet again:

Meanwhile, an individual calling himself Canadian Cynic was apparently quite upset that The Spiritual Brain was shortlisted for three Canadian Christian Writing Awards. Cynic doesn't like the book and vowed to write the office, but of course the office doesn't interfere with the judges.

Um ... I was "quite upset?" Hey, I know ... let's read what I actually wrote, shall we?

As a regular critic of Ms. O'Leary and her scientifically illiterate nonsense, all I can say is, yes, please, dear God, let her win in all three categories. Given that that book is such utterly worthless rubbish ... you have no idea of the entertainment value that will be unleashed if you decide that that book represents the pinnacle -- the creme de la creme, if you will -- of Canadian Christian writing. Trust me, if that book captures any awards, the amusement value will last for months.

Yes, clearly, I was livid beyond description. And as for this idiotic pronouncement of Denyse's:

Cynic doesn't like the book and vowed to write the office ...

Denyse, honey, sweetie, you insufferable moron ... I did not "vow" to write the office; I wrote the office and even reproduced what I wrote in that post. How difficult a concept can that be?

And this is the imbecile who's going to hook up with a physicist and expound on matters multiverse-related and cosmological? Oh, man, you can't buy this kind of hilarity.


Red Tory said...

For the sake of accuracy, her blog should be called "Mindless Hack" — not that she seems all that concerned with details like facts, truth, etc.

Ti-Guy said...

Someone who can't get basic facts straight is either deranged or has too much on her mind.

And now she's ruining speculative science. What's next, Denyse? Heliocentrism? The Gregorian Calendar? Oxygen?

I don't suppose it is any comfort to Cynic that Mario and I are up against strong competitors this year. People who hate The Spiritual Brain will be no happier if the others win.

Is she kidding? Those who'll end up unhappiest are those who actually write about Christianity, not the superstitious and mystifying witchcraft she's churning out.