Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ah, the douchebaggery of it all.

Shorter Twatrick: "You can't take CC seriously on the subject of anti-Semitism because someone else, at a totally different time, and on a totally different blog with which CC has no connection whatsoever, once wrote a post on the same subject. Therefore, CC is anti-Semitic."

There you go, Patsy ... did I get that about right?


Red Tory said...

I saw that rubbish post and thought it was beneath contempt.

Obviously he's pretty desperate for attention.

Useless fucking maggot.

Chimera said...

Yup, CC, you got it absolutely right.

He might be desperate for attention, RT, but he sure doesn't treat it very well when he gets it. It's not really surprising that his blog gets few hits. Other bloggers see how he reacts to his commenters and they back right off and spread the word.

Ti-Guy said...

Someone should tell his mom.

Chimera said...

He's got a mom?

Ti-Guy said...

She's upstairs right now, pouring the meds.

Patrick Ross said...

Nope. You missed the point again -- as you're prone to do.

The point is that you have ZERO credibility on the point of anti-Semitism, considering that you associate with known anti-Semites.

If you want to read an accusation of anti-Semitism into the post, that's entirely your business. I have no objection to that, because it wouldn't surprise me to discover that someone who entitles a post "good little Jew boy" is an anti-Semite.

Is that simple enough for you? Or am I using too many complicated fucking words for you?

God knows I'm using too many for Marty.