Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Promises, promises.

Blogging Tory Justin "Fuck You, Canada" Hoffer is fed up and he's not going to take it anymore:

I am no longer Canadian.

Yes, I still live in Canada, but I'm leaving as soon as I can. Why? Because of the parole of Graham James.

And when Justin Hoffer makes a promise, you can take that baby to the bank, yessir, you betcha. Like here.

Oh, wait ... there was a Plan B.

Oh, wait ...

And in closing, here's Justin:

All who disagree, I hope you die.

And in a spirit of progressive civility, Justin, we just hope you leave.

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.


double nickel said...

I thought Justin was going to head off to join the Foreign Legion or the Boy Scouts or something. is he still in his Mom's basement?

Gene Rayburn said...

I see he's changed his title to No Longer Canadian /Fuck You Canada. Is this part of the Conservatives' being a "True Canadian" myth?

Spin Assassin said...

hehe He's a bit of a spaz. The great thing about free speech is that people can decide for themselves what to think about what you say. The left hates that.

I think he really is just a kid, and boy does he hate the likes of you.

Zorpheous said...

"He's a bit of a spaz" LOL, well there is nice a polite way to put.

"The great thing about free speech is that people can decide for themselves what to think about what you say. The left hates that."

I never really understood this logic. When someone like CC Raging Tory to task for something he writes (ie, CC desides for himself) and then pens the thought for public to read (and I asume the public will exersise free thought here and deside what to make of CC's comment) this somehow mean the "left" hates free speech?

No Spin, many of us, just think Raging Tory is a completely off his rocker, and we take shameful pleaseure in watching CC poke Raging Tory with a ten foot poll.


CC, long time. Just stuck my head back into the blogosphere to see what is what. I see things still remain the same.

Jymn Parrett said...

Zorpheous, Mr. Assassin is trying to bait us. Let him. It's a free country, although young Mr. Hoffer (and perhaps Spin) does not seem that fond of its freedoms.

Frank Frink said...

Poor Justin seems a bit confused... I know, I know, how shocking.

What I mean is his obvious confusion about the terms 'pardon' and 'parole'. As I understand it the perp served his sentence and was released from incarceration in 2001 -- nearly nine years ago! I don't believe there ever was any parole.

KEvron said...

"I see things still remain the same."

yep, retards are still retarded and psychos are still psychotic and justin is still both. that kid is seriously tetched.


Moon Rattled said...

"I am no longer..."

He is several feet short of long, alright.

CK said...

I don't even think the kid's even still with the Blogging romper roomies since he switched the title of his blog.

Who knew? Is it possible that even stephen Taylor draws the line?

ThinkingManNeil said...

Maybe little Justin can stamp his widdle feet and hold his breath until he turns blue to get his way. It must be a joy for his mom when they go down the cereal aisle at their local grocer with him wearing little more than his G.I. Joe underwear.

Go take a Time Out, junior, and grow the fuck up.


Audrey II said...

Fun aside, the lad's clearly not well, and given his talk about the executions of those who disagree with him and his hope for others to die, I hope he finds it.