Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bright, shiny thing!!!

I'd be embarrassed to be this predictable:

Tune in later today when we learn that it's everyone's fault but Helena's. And ADSCAM!!!

AFTERSNARK: I think we can all see where this is going. Here's Hunter, sounding ominously threatening:

Maybe it is time for Conservatives to start using lefty tactics against them. Maybe it is time to take a few bully boys/girls down a notch or two.

This would be following hot on the heels of conservative commenter and stalwart "MaryT", who wrote recently:

As there are no private lives for the families of current or former MPs, guess we should start investigating them. Didn't Chretains [sic] son get arrested for rape or something like that. Whatever happened in that case. Did he get special treatment from the courts.

Wonder how many of those lib mps have paid to keep their kids out of trouble re drugs, DUIs, failing grades or whatever. Somebody will surely be finding out.

I wonder about the lives of journalists families. Got to be something there.

Good thinking, ladies, why don't you ratchet up that rhetoric a bit more and make personally threatening noises toward your critics? I'm sure there's no way that can end badly.

BONUS TRACK: Regular visitors to CC HQ might remember that this idea of tracking journalists and digging into their private lives didn't just start. Why, a couple years back, it was one of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories, "Conservative Queen," who announced to all and sundry that one Kady O'Malley was clearly consorting with the enemy and, by God, she had the photographic evidence!

And how did that end? Oh, dear ... not so well. But I'm thinking that neither Hunter nor MaryT will be deterred by this. Let the creepy journalistic stalking and bullying begin!

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

P.S. I wonder where Canada's conservatives get the idea that the proper approach to annoying journalists is to, you know, take them down a notch or two, nudge nudge, wink wink, nice job you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it? Oh, right.

You can see why they love themselves some Ann Coulter.


Anonymous said...

I love how "maryT" is ready to draw conclusions on information she is not sure of, or something....

These people are imbeciles. I'm sure that most should have a shadow following them....

CK said...

Well, we can't say we didn't see that coming from Hunter. She's usually a little later than her blogging romper roomies. Sandra Dee has been at since over a week now.

I read that 3 part series regarding Adscam in the Grope & Fail by Daniel Leblanc, and the first thing I'm wondering after having read that is, why did he go to all this trouble to write 3 very long parts? Still haven't figured it out.

That 3 part series revealed nothing but disappointment that the "big fish" were never caught despite their best efforts with an informant and the arrest and conviction of some individual.

Gomery did his report.

Half the cops from Operation Carnegie are now doing other jobs, have left the country and what have you.

At least 4 that I counted of players are dead.

What other investigation is there to be had?

I don't know Daniel Leblanc the columnist: is he a hard core Harpercon cheerleader deflecting attention from the happy couple and Harper? That's the only I reason I can think of for this waste of a tomb.

CK said...

Oh, check the next piece of idiocy to come out on their side, if they haven't already. They will actually come out saying that Iggy was responsable for Adscam...

sooey said...

There's really no comparison between the scandals of this government and Adscam. In the case of Adscam, a full inquiry was held. People were fired, people went to jail, and the Liberals were booted out of office. In contrast, this government has not been held to account for anything.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Taylor must be so proud.
The official Harper fluffer is - he's addressing something about the HST and brags about "I bumped into Jim Prentice a few weeks ago at the Manning Centre Networking Conference. I dusted off the part of my brain that stores info on current environmental issues and pulled out my trusty cam for an on-the-spot interview."


CK said...

Sooey, that's because they don't care about an accountable and transparent government in reality. If they did, they all wouldn't be on their protect Brother Steve and eliminate the opposition at all costs mode.

deBeauxOs said...

"I dusted off the part of my brain that stores info on current environmental issues and pulled out my trusty cam for an on-the-spot interview."

Stephen Taylor pulled a cam out of his brain?

It's as we all suspected; he's a Cylon too.