Saturday, April 10, 2010

None dare call it "stalking."

Here's ubiquitous right-wing commenter and increasingly dangerous nutbar "maryT," taking recent developments like a grown-up:

maryT said...

As there are no private lives for the families of current or former MPs, guess we should start investigating them. Didn't Chretains [sic] son get arrested for rape or something like that. Whatever happened in that case. Did he get special treatment from the courts.

Wonder how many of those lib mps have paid to keep their kids out of trouble re drugs, DUIs, failing grades or whatever. Somebody will surely be finding out.

I wonder about the lives of journalists families. Got to be something there.

I'm sure there is, Mary. And I'll bet hiding in the bushes outside their dining room windows late at night is just the way to get started. You let us know if you come up with anything, dear.

And if any of those journalists meets with an unfortunate accident in the near future, at least we'll know where to start looking.


Cameron Campbell said...

Beyond which, isn't it always these fuckheads who are going on and on about the children?

And Chretien's adoptive child got three years in jail. I found that in about 5 seconds... "investigating" indeed.

CC said...

I'm also fascinated by how getting arrested for impaired driving and cocaine possession, not to mention being caught influence peddling, is part of someone's "private life."

Well, sure, I hired hookers, murdered them and buried them in my garden, but hey, what business is that of yours? Busybody.