Monday, January 04, 2010

Ezra Levant: Liar.

Hey, kids, let's see what Ezra is lying about today: Oh, look:

It's one thing when a Taliban propagandist claims that the Canadian Forces are immoral crusaders – it's quite another when a Liberal front-bencher says they're "absolutely" accused of war crimes.

Really? Was that the accusation that was being made? Why, no:

Earlier this month, Ujjal Dosanjh, the Liberal defence critic, described a lone diplomat's allegations as "the fact that this government ignored the warnings of torture, sent prisoners to Afghan jails at the risk of torture, which is a war crime, which is an absolute war crime."

Gosh, Dosanjh wasn't "absolutely" accusing Canada's troops of war crimes. What he claimed was that turning over prisoners when there is a clear risk of torture is "absolutely" a war crime -- which, I should point out, is entirely correct.

Ezra Levant: Lips moving. Therefore, lying.

TELL YA WHAT I'M GONNA DO: I'm so confident that Ezra Levant is a pathological liar that I will make the following public challenge. I'm betting that I can find at least one obvious and blatant lie in absolutely anything Ezra Levant has written in column form. Doesn't matter where; as long as it's an official column, I'll bet it contains at least one egregious falsehood in it somewhere.

Anyone want a piece of that action?


Ti-Guy said...

Chalk that up to another cretinous mainstream media "editor" choosing pointless controversy by publishing that pathological liar to attract readers instead of something genuinely controversial and interesting.

At least they're *all* doing it now, which removes any need for feeling guilty about the complete collapse of that industry and the loss of 'careers' in that sector.

thwap said...

It's disgusting how the guy can afford to feed himself from his lying.

He's still a virgin isn't he?

Waiting for Stockwell Day to turn queer or something?

Plex Flexico said...

If I was grading Ezra, he'd get a 10/100 for reading comprehension. He seems to know all the words and what they mean, individually, but once they're strung together in groups larger than three he seems to start having problems.

Poor guy. It must be tough to go through life with such a handicap.

Maybe someone ought to contact his local Adult High School and get him into some remedial reading classes?

Merklin Muffley said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ezra 'Newman' Levant is Jewish, is he not? And don't Jewish people, generally speaking, carry a kind of historic thorn about something or other called The Big Lie? See, the size of the lie doesn't really matter. If it's a lie that suits a purpose to a certain group then the opposing group might call it The Big Lie. But Newman -er, Levant- isn't going to call his lie The Big Lie -even though to some of us it's as big a lie as any other lie. It seems we're not going to call Ezra's lies -any of them- The Big Lie either, mostly because we understand the absurdity of the comparison. And, in the end, Levant will get away with telleng any kind of lies he likes because when anybody calls him on it he'll resort -being Jewish- to telling the rest of us that he, as a Jew, knows a Big Lie when he sees it and the rest of us are nothing but Big Lie(ing) anti-semites.