Saturday, January 09, 2010

Embarrassing yourself on a national stage in one easy step.

Blogging Tory Steve Janke makes a massive ass of himself coast to coast in three ... two ... one ... ah, there we go.

P.S. Shorter Steve Janke: "Can you believe that anyone takes a Facebook group seriously? I mean, really, what kind of complete loser do you have to be to brag about your stupid Facebook group and think that anybody gives a shit about it and that it means anything? What's that, Stephen? Oh ..."


Anonymous said...

The more they blog...uh...shill about the Facebook group, the more attention it gets. Good job guys.

sooey said...

Why are they upset about it, anyway? The New Conservatives clearly don't want to govern. They should lose the next election.

Gawd, partisans are loony.

Ti-Guy said...

Ok. I've determined that sooey wrote for a newspaper, is an ardent feminist, has a decent-enough sense of humour, and hates Warren Kinsella.

Apart from the fact that she has never said anything remotely novel and for the most part, her writing is mystifying, I ask:

Sooey: What are you SAYING exactly?

sooey said...

I do not hate Warren Kinsella. Not even a bit. I think he's a git, that's all.

I did post a comment on here the other day that, upon re-reading it later in the day (yes, I am my biggest fan), I realized part two of the comment completely contradicted part one.

So you're not alone in not knowing what I'm saying, Ti-Guy.

I'm writing a book, by the way. Although, it might end up being just a few pages long.

Ti-Guy said...

She still makes me laugh, though.

Damn her...

Ti-Guy said... Hell, in case that wasn't clear.

CK said...

If our Facebook group was to not be taken seriously, why are they making noise about it?

Oh, by the by, for those commenters on this board not on Facebook, you may all be happy to know, we rose above Stephen Taylor's challenge for 127 000 members. It is about 135 000 members strong at last count (about an hour ago)

Also for those not on Facebook or Twitter, there is a group; for info on upcoming rallies and other related events. You can also go there for details on the January 23 rally in your city.

It is important we keep up the momentum and not allow that apathy to set in once again. Corporate media is still feverishly trying to spoonfeed Canadians what Steve wants them to think, say, feel and do.

Happy Saturday all